Sunday, October 17, 2010

What is Inception?

After looking at so many people talking crazily about Inception (mostly the movie) and I noticed there were quite a number of people still did not quite get the real meaning of Inception. For example, many of them though it’s the layering of dreams that makes Inception. But, in fact, dreams layers were not inception! Dreaming in layers is a very normal thing and I am sure many of us did – I had it since young. What Inception truly is then? Inception is a incorporation of concept into someone’s mind. And in the movie Inception, they came out with one of the idea by planting an idea into someone while someone’s in their sleep. To be able to do that, you have to be inside someone’s dream and you need to be able to control what you are doing. So, as the what the movie portrayed, these group of people were using some devices to make sure they don’t lose themselves – second, I’m sure after so many times, they are more or less trained to self-discipline themselves inside the dream. This is why, although we have layered dreams, we can’t plant ideas into others. First, normally we are sharing separate dreams. Second, not much of us can control our behaviour in dreams – in fact, some of us can’t even control their own dreams. That’s why in the movie, they are all connected to the same dream with the architecture of the dream – the one who provide the space for the dream. Means, the dream they are dreaming are not something out of their mind, it’s something tailored for a purpose – unless they were using someone’s real dream… Not good at presenting my point, but hope you all get it…

Last thing, why this method? Why having inception using dreams? Inception can also be the start – where ideas, instinct started. Other methods of inception can be propagandas, rumours, gossips, facts. For example, if you grew up being taught the world is round – then the concept is inside you – that’s a form of inception. However, we can see that this kind of inception is very unstable. People used to be given the concept of world being flat – why someone realized it and went to observe it? What gives them a divergent of ideas? This is because human’s mind is programmed to debug a lot of things. To some extent, human will question the truth of the idea – a revising program. And when that time comes, the idea planted will be down there inside the recycling bin. So, in the movie’s production team’s opinion, planting it in a dream – a place where normal human were weak at – is the best way to enforce the strength of the idea. At least, for some weak people, their mind revising program will not be strong enough to realized that this is a ‘crack’ file. But can it be destroyed? Yes, I believe yes. I am sure there are people with strong enough his/her mind to realize that. See, the movie is an inception of planting the ideas that such inception method is possible – something like that.

It’s quite abstract but I hope you all understand what I mean, hah!

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