Friday, October 15, 2010

WWI: So Far Yet So Near

Walled with WWII in between, WWI seems to be so much of a history and so far back in time. But yet, it was in fact that near us, as its effect was still happening in our era. By that, Germany had just paid their last debt of 92 years (with certain years not paying) payment on WWI reparation of 59.5 million pounds last Sunday. After WWI, in order to restore Europe to peace, Treaty of Versailles was signed in 1919, forcing German to solely taking up the responsibility towards the destruction and loss of Europe during the coarse of WWI. Not only by that, land were taken off Germany, measures were taken in order to ‘restore peace’ but in fact, pushing Germany off the edge of the world by economic blockade, leaving them with nothing much to pay off a debt of 59.5 million pounds. It has been said that this WWI had put the Germans in desperation and despair. In fact, among other factors, this difficult situation had pushed forward to difficulties inside the country, economically and politically. In turns, it had assisted Adolf Hitler to come into power and leading Europe – or rather, the world, to the history of WWII. This is the time, when we felt so near to history – a moment need to be remembered!

Other than that, last batch of British and Australian WWI troop in Northern France was recently recovered and buried properly with full military honours.

The Duke of Kent, president of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, said in the cemetery, the soldiers were "lost no longer... here, at last, in peace".

Look at this quote! Feel it! Needless to track back millions of years for wars of our ancestors, these were just what happened less than 100 years back. War, is that the solution?! By putting in military, is it keeping peace or drawing the mess into a messier mess? People had been fighting since history recorded. Did one war leads to an eternal peace? No. It leads to another war and another and another, continuing – until each and every of us are willing to stand together, combining our strength in contributing not for our own good – but to the whole human population, with no war but to take care of continuity of human species on this piece of land, a land human had cherished and utilized since the very day we were here!

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