Saturday, November 27, 2010

2 more!

Taking a short break off the book on Nazi racial policy, as my heavy eyelids were collapsing every moment with blurry vision. Not that the topic is mundane, in fact I find all these subjects interesting. It was just the weight of examinations, the responsibility, the obligation which requires undying determination and real stamina on this long run of examination preparation and battle. So, now what’s left for my schedule along this period of war time?! I still have two papers: Fundamental Pharmacology on Monday and Europe of Dictators on Tuesday.

Both subjects were memorization-based and I would have to show some respect on how my brain work by remembering all those information by sending impulses. However, it was not only some normal paper. Memorization, as I said, was not always my strength. My Mom used to say she wondered why her genes of memorization never reach any of her children – haha! Pleasure and I insisted the gene might not be activated yet somehow. Fundamental Pharmacology is actually an interesting subject. I still remember how excited am I when I knew I’m going into year 3 which enabled me to take all these real courses! Of course, you can’t compare passion with result sometimes. Compared to the whole class, I was not doing well during small tests. This added on to my pressure on doing my best of the best during the finals. So, I really have to try the best out of my best to do whatever I can do just to make sure I do the best (what am I rambling over here?). But yes, today is majorly EU day, so Pharmacology will be left as a snack or supper between my study break for today Sourire

The next subject – hohoho! What can I say? That will be one in the top list of The Craziest Thing I Ever Did This Semester. Given all those bitter history of my history-related encounters, I took two history modules this semester. And this one is a level 3000. I don’t know what will happen but someone might have told me I’m committing suicide. But I can be very sure that I like this course. It was already on my list long before I realize I need to take a level 3000 module. I did not decide to take it due to its nature for a year 3 History major module. But I ended up taking such module – which includes several emails bombarded to the CORS office, European Studies programme office, European Studies coordinator, some of the lecturers and the history department, I believe. But I think I made a right choice though, haha, not to consider the result factor of course!

Anyway, will talk more about it next time. Enough time for my break and now I’m going back to my studying den Rire

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