Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Cheese-baked Garlic Sandwich Toast

First, this is a total creation of three of us during our time getting our dinner. So, I would like to share our new discovery of the art of ‘culinary’ over here.

Ingredients: normal bread loaf, garlic spread, tomatoes, cheddar cheese slices, cucumber.


1) Use a pan with garlic spread as the oil and insert a slice of bread.

2) When the bread is slightly toasted with the garlic spread, take out.

3) Arrange the bread in a container for oven use. Place half slice of cheese and desired amount of tomatoes and cucumber on top.

4) place the container in an over for minutes and voila!

This is given if you wish to eat the vegetables with slightly soften structure and when you bite, the juices just nice will ooze out of the dried surface. For those who prefer it fresh, put the vegetable only after it was taken out of the oven.


This dish is very filling and delicious. No doubt it is easy to make once you have the ingredients. Normally, 2 to 3 slices of these will make a meal. Hence, the cost is quite low. Rire

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