Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cheese Omelette

I have found a better way to stretch myself a bit in between intense input of information during this period of time (Reading Week)! And that includes blogging. Nonetheless, blogging seems to have nothing to do with my academic directly but connection with words and spontaneous writing is just what I need! Of course one need to plan an essay before writing but other than points and structure, the flow of writing depends rather critically on that one moment when your pen tip touches the paper, see.

This time, I am going to add up one of the dish I cooked recently: The Cheese Omelette. It might be a common dish but I liked it!


Ingredients: egg, cheddar cheese slice, oil or butter in small amount


1) Put some oil or butter on the pan to prevent sticking.

2) Beat the amount of eggs needed into a bowl and stir them into homogenous mixture

3) After the pan is heated, pour the mixture in.

4) Flip the semi-liquid egg around and don’t let it to dry out if you are the one who likes to eat omelette in an omelette way – not friend egg way.

5) Just then, taken out the piece of omelette and put it on a plate.

6) Place half a slice of cheddar cheese in the middle and fold the omelette into half.

7) Let the heat of the omelette settle and melt the cheese and Voila!

Yes, this dish is super fast and super simple. I think it’s very suitable for students as lazy to cook as me Rire


the_enchantress said...

Ah, what a great idea! Ok, i shall try it over here :)

Mafer said...

haha... ok... it's very nice oso!

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