Wednesday, November 24, 2010

EU1101E Final Exam

Ha! So, it’s over!!! Yes, EU1101E Making of Modern Europe is over but I think I will miss this module much like how I missed French classes. The questions were really ‘broad’ and I was just writing my answers as much as what I thought would be the answer. The time constraint somehow restricted me from writing more facts than I know and I tend to start explanation just like what I did in Science essay, which might not be a good thing for history. Good thing about this exam is, as a rare occasion, I remembered most of the facts, except dates of course (I only remembered some). The bad thing is, when I start explaining, I started to confuse myself in where to put the facts in! And for some of the points, I can’t even decide where to stop going into detail as going deeper might make my answer skewed from what being asked and cost me another page or so. But by not doing that, what if I am lacking an understanding sentence which is critical for my reader to catch what I meant?! Another big problem will be my English language. My English is just not really up to standard which makes all other aspects of the essay critical to make myself clear to the audience…

Nonetheless, I am very glad with what I had prepared and my effort. I personally enjoyed the experience of learning that way and it’s rare on the occasion of a history subject. Today, I guess, in terms of effort and  emotion, I had broke the spell of dull history – not sure about the result though. But really, I am proud of myself for embracing my courage in facing something I feared, and that’s not easy. Rire

Next up will be Microbiology this Friday, Pharmacology next Monday and Europe of Dictators next Tuesday. My exams were like a series of warfare, coming in as the ‘bullets’ rain on me but no worries, things doesn’t look good – but I am still battling, not down! Something that braved myself, if I were to use the label of the Dark Lord, what excuse do I have, to not being brave enough to go through these? If I asked from Buddha and God (well, they are sort of the same to me) to enlighten me and make me a wise scientist, how can I step back and betrayed what I had asked for? If I were to be one of the human to born into this world during my generation, how could I be that weak when my ancestors had survived through so many suffers? Yes, now, it’s time to have a little rest, some little talk over the phone with parents and continue battling, yeah!!! Oh yeah, this reminds me how long had I not call Pleasure, my dear brother – the last time I called was during mine and his birthday… hmm…Rire

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