Tuesday, November 09, 2010

The Great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin


Realizing I have so much to tell you all, let me start with this spectacular movie. I watched this movie online and I realized how this movie is so comical, yet in another sense, giving me a lot of messages. “The Great Dictator” is Charlie Chaplin’s first ever voice-movie. And in fact, he was just four days older than Adolf Hitler. Internet sources actually said that Chaplin made this movie in respond to Hitler’s regime.

In this movie, Chaplin portrayed as two character: Adenoid Hynkel and a Jewish barber. Adenoid Hynkel (copying Adolf Hitler) is a dictator of the Tomania which is represented by the Double Cross (instead of the Nazi Swastika symbol). There were characters which [obviously] copying the actual person such as Herring (Goerring) and Garbitch (Goebbels). I personally felt that he purposely made the two sounds like a fish and ‘garbage’. Hynkel has several policies made and some were concerned to the Jews. He voiced funny languages with comical actions – and especially some which he accented his English into some weird speech. This video is one of it.

Next will be the Jewish barber who was injured in WWI yet saved a life of a Tomania (later Double Cross) pilot. The shows went on with this two person running each life: running the country and surviving the discrimination. There is even scenes when Benzino Napolini (Benito Mussolini) of the Bacteria country. Hynkel and Napolini had a series of funny scenes and the movie ended up with an exchange of character by accident between the two Chaplin. The Jewish barber was mistaken as the dictator and he ended up the movie with this speech, which is remarkably different from actual Adolf Hitler’s.

When this movie was completed, Hitler was actually alive and Chaplin was quoted to say, “I would give anything to know how he thinks.” Yet, Hitler didn’t respond but rumour was he watched the movie twice.

I would say, although this is a black and white movie, with old fashioned jokes and everything – this is a great movie! I personally likes this movie, not only due to its humour but the historical inspiration and moral values.

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