Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pleasure and I!


Just like any other year, here comes the time when I will ask myself, again and again, what had I done for all these years? This time, I am asking myself, “Vui Yin, what had you done so far during your existence on Earth for 22 years? Have you been contributing anything to the society? Are you playing your role to the fullest in this world?” Again, I realized that I am still on half of the journey. I wish I could gain enough knowledge, experience and wisdom, to be able to contribute to mankind, especially through Science. I wish I could invent or discover something, that can reduce misery, gaps and black holes of human’s era. At the same time, I wish my arts will bring happiness and understanding to the mankind, to enable a better and more harmony of a population. I wish my stories and words can get through people’s mind, to help them, encourage them and to bring them to the bright. So, I think I need to keep on working hard, to achieve that one day. That was what I did on my birthday, 1st of November. Pleasure called me after midnight to greet me, haha! The next day, it was my turn to greet Pleasure, my brother, Happy Birthday! And hereafter, I drew this photo above to record this year’s birthdays of us…

Well, before that, that will be celebration by my friends in Hall. It is really nice of them to actually come. Not a surprise but that’s really warm when I got so many deadlines to rush for. I got a bigger piece of cake and a card. Before blowing off the candle, I wished a lot of things and that includes ‘Peace for the World’. Wen Qing was saying that my expression shows how difficult it is to grant that wish. But I will keep wishing until it came true. Rire

By the way, below is the scan of the card:

After the card, that very birthday of mine, I was left without any nice food due to workload. And this is when my neighbour, Aoyun, sent me this noodle, saying it is 长寿面! Really thank her for spending her time cooking this!!! Clignement d'œil

After that will be this. I received a box of colour pencils and a box of crayons from Zhuangli. Other than that, I do get some snack from Elaine – not to mention a total free meal the day before my birthday (I’ll post about it later).

So yup, here goes my 22nd birthday and it reminds me that it had been 1 year since I can register as a legal voter. Will do that some time when I go back home, but currently, what I can do is to take every opportunity to pursue my dream in helping the people Sourire

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