Tuesday, November 09, 2010

A Meet at the Astons

Remember I mentioned something else that made me so jolly on my birthday? That’s this! Just on the eve, I went out to meet with ex-school mates, after for so long! The best feeling is that, this gathering is not about birthday or about celebration – it’s pure gathering and having meals together. One of the them working and the rest of us, studying. We exchanged several gossips and news, and I felt really happy for that day! Whoo! Plus, the restaurant was just superb. Nice food with affordable prices, just need a bit of waiting, though. It is in the Astons in The Cathay…

Later, we ended our meals and have a little of shopping inside plaza singapura. And bonus of that day will be the GongCha! It is my first time buying that and I ordered the normal ones. And when I said I wanted a 0% sugar beverage, the cashier was looking at me as though I’m an alien. But bother that not, it was a humid day and I just wish to have a nice tea that is refreshing rather than sweetening… The tea is nice though, with some cream on top…

Yes, this is a real happy day!!!

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