Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Yes, today IS the day! Eh, no, yesterday WAS the day! Anyway, it’s 30th of November which marked the end of all final exams for this semester. Yet, this semester cannot be counted as ended completely as I still have UROPS hanging halfway there. I have been leaving my lab work aside since around a month and a half ago due to CAs, deadlines and finals marathon. My mentor would have said that ‘test is not everything’ but when all I need to do is try my best and pass the exam, I need to make sure I can even reach such a benchmark. So, the last paper was Europe for Dictators and I’m really tired at the moment, too exhausted to talk anything about the module or the paper itself. So, I will leave it to the next post of so. After that, I met someone in Science which shared an insight of future and school-coping, which is weird yet not a bad thing for a post-exam de-stress chat. Quenching with a bottle of cool Pepsi twist, I spent the next few hours watching certain episodes of Big Bang Theory and that’s before I rushed down to catch up with others to Clarke Quay. We had a nice dinner and dessert and headed back hall. And from just now till now, I was subjected to spending some time on the net, ironing my clothes for tomorrow (I still think I better not wear some funny shirt in case I under-dressed). I have to print out some schedule to keep myself on track of what will happen in tomorrow’s conference. Seriously, I have no idea how will the conference be, in terms of its scale, nature, ambience and everything. I am not one of the presenter nor speaker, all I did was register myself as a ‘listener’ Rire. Well, I think it’s quite fun to be able to remember what you are tested for exam and now you are still taking in more during vacation. I kind of like this as this is the education I meant! This is what we, master of the future, should do for the sake of human being’s future!!! Ah, I should sleep soon. I can’t believe but I feel tired *yawn*…

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