Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No More HONEYmoon, but BEEsy Days


Here comes my bee story of the day. Today, is the first time in my life (and I hope it’s the last one) to be stung by a bee. How does the story start? Ehem, once upon a time… just joking. I was sleeping soundly in my bed as I planned to sleep early and wake up early the next day to study. And it was around 3 am, near 4, when I felt something on my right hand and I opened my eyes to saw a creature on my hand! It was a bee and I am perfectly normal in reacting! I fling my hand to get rid of it. But I think the bee must have felt so threatened that it placed its sting, straight, right on my right hand ring ringer! When the fling is ended, the bee was on the floor and I saw something on my hand with yellowish liquid. The searing pain was no joke! I have to stay calm, I told myself but I am panicked! I had heard of people dying of bee sting – and I don’t want to die this early of my life! I took a tissue and tried to pluck the sting out of my finger, which was swelling by then. Then, i walked out to see if anyone awake. I had never been through a bee sting and I have no idea what should I do!!! In the end, I got help from someone staying up North, further north – my parents. I was so worried that I might not be able to write during my exam if I ended up having an arm sling or what. I was told to put anything alkaline (toothpaste) and later with aloe vera on it to neutralize the acid. When I got back with my swelling and painful finger, I scooped the bee with a plastic bag, intend to bring it with me to the clinic the next day. After some time, as I am slightly calmed and made sure I did not have any allergic reaction, I went back to sleep.

The sleep was not a good one. I was sleeping soundly but I kept dreaming myself suffocating in the middle of the night due to some unknown toxic in the bee. The morning came and I went to the clinic (forgetting the bee). I was required to draw out the bee so that they could administer the right treatment. I ended up with a booster injection for tetanus and antibiotics. Guess what, my right hand was swollen and painful with the sting, and I thought as an ambidextrous, I still have my left hand! Now, they jabbed the injection on my left arm, leaving it feels swollen as well Triste. So, I ended up having both hands taking turns to avoid tiring any of them. My finger is still very swollen and painful – but not as searing as 3 am. Hopefully it will require in time so that I can prepare my exams in a more proper manner.

Other than that, Ek Theng was telling me about the bee as a hardworking insect and Rubin was asking if I discovered any special talent after that incident. Well, if this special Bee is to transfer some special traits to me – I hope one of them is Hardworking Rire!!!

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