Friday, November 12, 2010

A Place Where Its Worth is Like the Butter

This topic is about where I am living and grew up: Butterworth. I came to Butterworth at around 6 years old. I can still remember asking Papa, “Why is here named Butterworth? Is it that it is not at all worthy, just like a butter?” Mind you, in my era, butter was accessible and cheap in some sense. Then Papa explained, “No, in the old days, butter is an important element for a meal – bread and butter! Hence, it might means it’s a land that is very worthy.” Ha! I kept with that answer until I grew up and realized that the name Butterworth has only a tiny part to do with butter as it is actually named after the a Governor of Residency of the Straits Settlements  based in Singapore, William John Butterworth.

Around 1851, it was the Resident Councillor of Penang, Edmund Augustus Blundell who needs to report to Butterworth. However, where is the link to butter?! Well, Butterworth was actually a township in England which is quite famous for its butter Rire quite funny, the fact – but yeah, just a relax and have a read stuff Sourire

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