Friday, November 12, 2010

Something Extraordinary!

Today, I am so enchanted by so many things that I have to admit that I had almost listed them as unexpected! It’s the last day of the school today but I have a long day from 10 am till 6 pm. As usual, my Microbiology lecture will drag until I have to leave early or arrive late into the next class which is my Europe of Dictators at an isolated corner of Arts! And after that, if everything is normal, I will end late from this history class and arrive super late inside my Microbiology lab, having the lecturer already start giving the brief talk and everyone else were wearing lab coat! But today – is the day things just worked wonderfully for me!!!

I went early for Microbiology lecture and the lecture was seemed to be going late into 11.45 am when the lecturer started to show some paper extract which is not in the notes. Fearing I might miss some important notes for the next lecture (someone might think I’m insane by skipping my major classes into my minor classes, but that history class is something new to me and the lecturer was known to eat away what he said in class and upload a different thing in the ivle!), I rushed down to the bus stop to see one bus left. The next bus came super-duperly late and I was hopping up and down anxiously, hoping for its arrival! When I boarded the next bus and arrived at Arts, Iran up the stairs and rushed through the Deck and towards the building! And guess what, the class was inside but just at the time of settling down. And, the lecturer was adjusting his own desk and haven’t put up his slides! I was considering myself lucky for that!!!

Then, the class went on with Spanish Civil War in short and several other dictatorship around Europe and we went back to see its impact on WWII and after that. As usual, the lecturer is always that passionate towards the history that he, again, talked non stop with high speed. This time, it will be the first time he ended that late! I was puffing all my adrenaline to sprint out but didn’t because I seriously wished to be in that class for a longer time (will talk about that next time). But when he end the class, it was like 1:55 pm and I am doomed due to the bus system. Not a surprise, the bus came late and I ended up LATE in Science. As I walked up to MD4, expecting myself walking down the benches with everyone in lab coats – guess what?! People were still outside the lab and was moving into the lab!!!

THAT’S the first time in this semester that I actually arrived early. Not that I’m early, the lab just happened to starts late for God knows what reason. I am so amused by how today’s LATE and EARLY somehow matches within themselves and made my day so RIGHT AT THE TIME!!! Maybe it’s a ridiculous little tale – but it just fits in and I feel so amazed and happy just because of it! It’s already the best present I get for the end of the semester!!!

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