Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Tonight, I am doing revision for my EU1101E Making of Modern Europe final exam tomorrow. At the same time, here comes the news of tension between North and South Korea. I don’t know how to describe, just imagine what you are reading for tomorrow’s exam is actually part of the reason what is on the news.

Towards the news, I would say, deeply in my heart, I do not wish to see anything serious to happen between them. North or South, they are brothers with the same people, same language – just different systems. Compared to so many wars I studied, I think there must be some way to settle this problem without using any armaments. By the way, won’t talk too much on it but to truly wish my birthday wish of peaceful world come true.

Now, come to tomorrow’s exam – whoah! It will be a significant milestone to me. I personally had not have good experience in history subject. I like history, I read them, I search for them – but when it comes to exam, I am yet to conquer them. However, I wish my hard work did help me a bit this time. I may not have a brain for an excellent History result, but I do think I try my best and I leave everything else to the Uncontrollable. Here, I would like to add on my wish in doing well in all the subjects.

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