Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Living the Past

Have you ever thought where you were standing was actually part of the history? Have you ever wondered what happened today in the past few decades? Have you ever imagined who had been using the same building as you but maybe for a different purpose? History seems so far, yet, they are so near, living itself just around us. In fact, we are making history each moment! However, there are people who used images of the past to merge with the current photos: Sergey Larenkov.


In his blog, he presented several photos which he edited. Those photos were a merge of photos of current and past, on the same location. There were chances where the buildings still looked the same and they looked quite cool! I am quite entertained to view the photos. Most of the photos were from the World War II period.

Some examples:


I really like the photos. Not as in I enjoy how things happened but I appreciate what I have now and what this photos told me… Therefore, I would like to share them to you.

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