Monday, December 13, 2010

One Species, Many Subspecies

It is still a mystery how human evolve from one species to another and finally homo sapiens. And I am wondering quite a lot about it as well. Human, is indeed an interesting species – very! Just take one task, for example, teaching, and you will get such a wide range of teachers. And this bring me back to my main point over here!

I had already made up my mind to be as forgiving as I can and as respecting others as I can. Seriously, at this time of the civilization, not much people are really paying true respect to the teachers. But as a kid growing up under two teachers, I stayed my principle in respecting the effort the teachers put in. And then I came to know not all teachers are as dedicated as they should have. Some of them, treated their job as just a process to get salary and that’s it, you get the money, you spend them and you die. Now, I met this fellow who was assigned to me as my mentor (if he reads this, I would be glad!). Okay, so how does the things go? Yes, as an undergraduate, I am supposed to be proactive, intelligent, knowledgeable, ready to take in knowledge and everything – all the good values, basically. Who doesn’t like students with all the moral values?!

Yes, I can read a lot of things off the book, I can get a lot of information off the Internet, but when it comes to practical and application to experiments, I take time to adjust and there are doubts. At this time, I have to deal with a guidance who did not reply my calls, sms-es, emails and even written notes. FINE! So, I have to ask him face to face. But, when I am asking question, sometimes, it’s still okay – but sometimes, I was bombarded back with more confusion and replies which sounds more like scolding than explanation. Again, the effect of explanation did not even reach 50% of the reply. FINE! Not only I have to suit myself to the mumbling voice, but to filter information accordingly. Then, when it comes to using equipment, when there’s not enough equipment, I was given all used up apparatus and was asked to wash all those things, which I have no idea what were there inside! Plus, the attitude of this mentor is more of caring his own research than others. In other word, he doesn’t even care of my research and treated it as though I am playing in the lab!

Hey you, all of us are doing research and we love our research but we respect other’s research. You are my mentor, OKAY! I pay you my respect and that’s enough. If you wish to have respect from me, then you need to earn your way! In this era, I have no obligation to follow all your instructions or lick the dirt out of your shoes! If you doesn’t even earn a qualification to be my mentor, I will only label you as ‘mentor’ as my only respect! I have my own research. They might be tiny compared to several others, but it is still a research. I understand failure is common but there are several ways to fail, so it’s not funny to play trick so that I didn’t get the result and ask me to redo the thing again! My time is to face greater failure than all these small things. Besides, in terms of respecting other’s research, cleaning apparatus properly, using machine properly are the basic ones. Why is it so difficult? This is not only for mentor but all those who never bother to do it! Do you think empty bottles pop out from thin air, don’t you?! And, you are the one who says the lab fund is running low, but then you are the one who did not even bother to look through my proposal to make sure I make full use of the materials. For God’s sake, I am only an undergraduate and I am prone to many many MANY mistakes – mistakes that I might not even know after I get the result! If teaching is to put a label on your sleeve as ‘teacher’ and let your student rot, everyone on this earth can be teacher!

Hmm… seems like the fire is still burning under – but yes, I think I shall say only what matters most. I just wish to spit all these illogical stuff out. But do feel thankful for certain members in the lab who are willingly teach me instead of what the mentor did. I think, for people, especially researchers, attitude is a very important thing and it’s a key to do something for the world. It’s still difficult to find someone who is willing to devote his or her personality, principle, time, energy, strength, anything left in him or her for the greater good. And I would say, it is this selfishness of human nature that held human back from moving forward all these millennium. I wonder when will human evolve to be as selfless as all those wise people which mostly could only be seen in our history books…

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