Tuesday, December 07, 2010

What Kind of Big Day?

7th of December, what day is that?! Just came back from friend’s birthday celebration, I might just say it is someone’s birthday? But this day has a much bigger meaning than that!

7th of December 1941, around 7.55 am Hawaii time, Japanese airplane launched an attack on United States naval base at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. When the Japanese airplane, with their red symbol of rising sun, swooped across the region, they might never know this day meant a lot, to the world and their country.

This action made a critical turning point to the on-going World War II at the moment. After World War I, most of the powers were scarred by it and would not wish to get themselves into deep muck without any important reason. Having the Axis extending their tentacles across mainly European region, United States did not actually involve itself into the big event. However, the attack on Pearl Harbour forced the Big Power to react by being drawn into the Allies and this marked the start of downfall of the Axis. Although we can’t deny that other Great Powers such as the Soviets had been contributing somehow, but having United States involved meant another intervention of big power, with manpower and technology. In the end, United States placed nuclear bomb “Little Boy” in Hiroshima on 6th of August 1945 and atomic bomb “Fat Man” in Nagasaki 9th of August 1945 , for the final chapter of the long-remembered event in history. And eventually, this brought an end to Pacific War and World War II with Japan surrendered to the Allies by signing Instrument of Surrender on 2 September the same year and Germany signing Instrument of Surrender on 7 May.

However, is bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki a revenge for the Pearl Harbour attack? I think I need to read more for that. But thinking back, Japan’s action gave United States the excuse of entering the war no matter the U.S. wanted or not. And when it came to shelling the Japanese cities, U.S. was given the good side because of that! If one country is to place two nuclear bomb on another country, the previous one would looked like the fault. But in this case, U.S. somehow was given the opportunity to do it as a ‘justice’ towards the Axis. In the world of Powers, sometimes you really need to be smarter and watch where you are going…

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