Saturday, December 04, 2010

When Arts and Science Meet


Okay, this post had been delayed more than once and now, I’m going to put this up!

It’s about a blog which I would like to share with all of you, especially those who considered arts and science as an equal interest in your life! The site is called The Illustrated Garden: Val Webb’s studio blog. This is not a site mainly of sharing arts but more of a channel which share such passion mixed with  workshops. However, the main aim I visited this site is more on the arts Rire. The author of the blog shared a lot of his/her passion on arts, which were on plants and some creatures. Most of the time, they were plants and it reminds me of my Dad drawing plants. Seriously, when I found out Papa actually draws, I was so shocked. For all I knew, he drew diagrams, physics diagrams, experiments setup and something on the same line – but plants?! Yes, I found out that in my Secondary 1 Sourire. All the while, it was Mummy who was drawing – that’s why I did not notice Papa’s talent, I guess… haha!

Anyway, this is a nice blog to look at how people draw plants Sourire.

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