Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year Eve: Peaceful :)

Writing of the last day of last month on the last day of this month – how perfect could it be? Yes, 31 days ago, it was the last day of 2010 and Pleasure went for barbecue in his friend’s house while me and Papa and Mummy went out searching for a nice New Year Eve dinner. After going to several places, we decided to went for a place where we get to listen to songs and have a rather better meal, which brought us to Bryan. Yes, I had lamb while Mummy had salmon. Papa who was not feeling like eating anything heavy had fish. In addition to that, I tried the banana boat (which is asian-ized with goreng pisang). They obviously had some promotion for alcoholic drinks but Papa was saying we still have some at home, so, we save our tummy for later, then.

And then, that night was spent on watching movie on tv and also a glass of champagne with xo… I should say it tasted so nice that I wanted more but apparently Mummy was saying I had too much (it’s only one glass, okay…)… But nonetheless, that’s how I stepped from 2010 to 2011 Sourire!


Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Day of Rain and Mud

It was a day for Softball matches and we thought it will end at around 3 pm but things did not just happen in simple way. We woke up in the morning and had nice warm breakfast in dining hall while watching the rain pouring outside. By that, we had been prepared for a muddy play but when we went down to the field, it was not just muddy, it was watery! For the first match against EH, the bases were literally lying in a pool of mud and you can’t differentiate where is where!

Part of the time, the rain became heavier and we were told to take shelter. On and off matches were not really inviting as they tend to downgrade the game’s momentum. But what can we do against nature, then? We tried our best in playing and I do think we did a lot of awesome saves and also a lot of stupid mistakes. But in the end, we managed to win KR, without even knowing it… Blur-ness in ultimatum!

Yes, we got ourselves into Semis which will be held after Chinese New Year. I do wish the spirit stays on and passed on to every generation, just like how last year, I stressed on bringing up the newer generation – but I think I am quite happy to see all the juniors brought up to love softball especially at the circumstances that they had not know about this sports until coming here! Yes, and this time, I think we can do it! Lots to learn and improve but there is willingness for all these –> good!

My post might look disordered – that’s because I feel like resting now: with abrasion on my chin and both knees, rashes on hand and legs and a soul that needs rest Sourire

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Day Lunch and ‘Tour’


Do you wake up early in the morning of Christmas Day, hopping up and down of your bed and shrieking as you see the presents were all under the Christmas tree? For me, no. Instead, we have lunch somewhere nice! Other than just for the event, it is also so that we could bring Grandma(Meemaw?) out to have real nice meal. This is my Meemaw(maternal)!


Our lunch was spent at the Golden Sand and open air places have this problem when you are at the tropics – bird droppings on certain places (It’s fresh!).


No matter how, other than the disruption of bird dropping episodes (I was so bad and smart enough to avoid the seats Sourire), we continued the meal with any food we wished to have. I had some that I craved for and to my surprise, I was full even before I thought I should be. Anyway, the food quality and their services had improved dramatically since last time and I truly appreciated it. Not only that, it was quite crowded this year, filling the dining space with inevitable clattering of utensils. Though, most of them were families and it was so warm to see so many family get together during such a season, no matter where are they from. In between of the meal, there was a Santa, indeed an Indian Santa, walking around the tables, handing out candies to the children. I, sadly, was not considered a children. Though one really weird event was the log cake incident. While trying to get a slice out of the Christmas Log cake, the people were asking – or rather, mumbling about the log cake being very hard to cut. Me and Pleasure was joking as we went back our seats that “because it is LOG cake”, hahahah!

So, after the meal, we walked around while Mummy accompanied Meemaw to rest at the lounge. Meemaw was aging and she was not really fond of walking around. In fact, she find it difficult to even balance herself! It’s not easy to guide her around but as a Life Sciences student, I know this is a cycle most of us will go through unless we die young. Anyway, yes, we did take some photos of Meemaw…


Me, Papa and Pleasure went over to the beaches, of course! Before that will be the more interior part where we still have pools and I spotted a cute lion on top of the resting table. It reminds me of NUS lion but no doubt, I just took a photo of it Tire la langue.


One thing you will be warned before going to the sea will be this:


Actually, my main point of going to the beach side was to find the horse-riding stall which I dreamt to had a horse-riding experience. It appeared that there was no horse in sight, so we just hang around for a minute or two… There, I found this interesting row of ‘chairs’…


And here is Papa and Pleasure on the beach, white white beach…


The beach was lovely, if only we were there for a real sunny day and beach – but we were not prepared for that, ah…


We got to see water activities and also banana boats which were not adventurous at all… But no matter, just looking at the view and feeling the wind is already a great thing to do during a vacation, ain’t it?


Haha… this is not me – but I always love how the colours shine under the sky!


At the lounge, I discovered something that reminds me of HallPlay – the fire place. Alright, the wood here are real wood, fake fire, and the whole thing is much solid that the play ones. Pleasure and me walked summore to find some interesting places Sourire


At the same time, the hotel personnel were walking around advertising about their upcoming event (some Christmas party on the beach, apparently) but we were just not feeling of going. And finally, we were to leave the place while Pleasure posed with the newsletter and ‘house’ Sourire.


Driving out of Golden Sands, we went along the road to have a look at how things had changed and we made way into Hard Rock which I hadn’t have a chance to look at since I missed the gathering last year.


The entrance was greeted with this if you were to exit and look out. The quote was from Emerson, Lake and Palmer, one of the Legendary rock stars. But I do feel the quote very cool, haha!


Other than that, on top you will be these ‘strands’ which Pleasure claimed to have lights at night. Then, this is when Papa started his lecture on optical fibre. Yes, these are optical fibres…


As a Hard Rock Hotel, you must have the Hard Rock element obviously and this is their display. A fireplace with Beatles?! And I was quite annoyed when I saw how ‘unsimilar’ the Beatles are to the real face. Anyway, the exhibition inside are better, I think…


Seriously, I think Papa who loved music so much was quite attracted to the display as we walk. He grew up with these and I grew up listening to these as well, what more can I say?! The environment was really nice with all the oldies songs as well. Only that this hotel lacks the calmness of Golden Sand as there were more younger people here and they are generally much more active…


Here, the Santa was not an Indian – but e was with a Santarina and a bike, cool right?! Yes, they were travelling using the bike and went over to cook up the environment…


But instead of the sand and crowd, I think I prefer this part of the hotel better. Just walk out of your hotel room and you are in the pool – how nicer can one be?!


There were many designs connected to music and I tried to have one together with the wall Sourire:


Even the toilet sign have to be like that?! WHAT?! Well…


And there goes my tour – ended up sitting on a hard rock Clignement d'œil!


Photo Album for this day!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gushing Through Time

In the midst of introducing you, my readers, with my vacation days, this is one of the time when I take a little break to mention bits of my current life. If you were to question what am I doing at the moment, I am supposed to be doing all my readings and academic; but there it is, my Immunobiology text propped open in front of me, exploding Chinese New Year songs playing their way and me surrounded with papers and books. Yes, having Chinese New Year to look forward to return home is an undoubtedly awesome experience, but the side effect includes a gradual increase in homesickness, not to mention how all the workload will exponentially growing till then as well.

So far, week 2 has ended with a boom! Everything was happening in huge mass and volume. In between, I sent off a friend for her exchange, attended a play which I never had chance to complete, had my friend to crash my lecture, crashed a lecture alone, had an unexpected and super-exciting experience on riding last train and taxi, met several wonderful and inspiring lecturers and so forth (when I say this, most of the time means I can’t remember anything specific at the moment, of course). Everything seemed to be smooth, happy and yet with a certain level of stress.

My lab work was not working in a superhero speed as I really can’t help it. The lab was just too hardworking that I have to wait my turn to use the machines, ha! But at least, I did not do any terrible mistake, albeit certain foolishness of me which ended up with a certain price to pay. Besides the current lab, I am planning and contacting certain person to consult about future, a.k.a my career in research field. I hope there will be significant replies soon as I really wish I can contribute in this field with the rest of my life! If research to find the truth is against the Nature, and there is a cost of going to hell when I die by helping the Nature, I won’t mind going to hell – really! If I am able to help so much, I don’t think Hell will be a matter of fear!!! RAWR! Anyway, I’m going way out of topic… yes… Let’s continue…

The subjects I took this semester were highly attractive, seriously. The lecture outline and contents were ultimately something you should explore in a tertiary institution. For Age of the Mediterranean, I will be learning mainly Hellenization, Christianization, Islamization and Civilization. And I am very looking forward to learn about Islamization because I think this is a chance for me to learn back what I should have learn properly during secondary school! However, the class was now concentrating on Greek, hence explained a couple of Greek words we learned from the lecturer who actually translated a Greek and Italian video to us in class. By the same token, I did had a reasonable of joy spending time under tough subjects which has a rumoured demanding lecturer. Yes, there were a lot of requirement and expectations but the lecture were really amazing. As a matter fact, I starts to suspect I enjoy these challenges – which is quite creepy at times. About Immunology, I have no idea how will I be doing but I’m trying my best now. The lecturers are pretty nice and good. So, if I’m not trying my best while they are trying their best teaching us; I should feel very very sorry, ha!

Yea, so far, this is the updates for now. Lecturer actually wrote essay to explain what he want to say to us… which is why newly-printed readings are ready nearby again. Sometimes I do gave a bit of grumble as an expression – but the feeling is so different from complaining. I think it is weird yet awesome Sourire! Just like what a lecturer said to me, I shall say the same to myself, “You can do it!”

Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit to Kek Lok Si

The longer time I went to university, the crazier I am when I go back home. From time to time, I started to realize how much I am acting like a tourist when I come back home. The more I stay outside, I started to see how beautiful home is, just like how I missed my hometown. Indeed, I still did not achieve my dream in returning back to my hometown but is blessed with the ability to return home at least once or twice, and maybe more, in one year’s time. So, when me and my brother went back home, we were living as though we were in paradise! And this very day, we decided to have a “tour” somewhere. When both our parents were not in good affinity to extreme activities like hiking, cycling or extreme sports; ironically, Mummy agreed to pay a visit to Kek Lok Si.


So, we took the trip that evening and headed to Kek Lok Si. The journey included certain distance of climbing up flight of stairs which were surrounded by stalls selling stuff. One of the interesting things I set my eyes on are these:


Seriously, this reminds me of Fred and George Weasley and their stink bombs – and now there are stink bombs and sneezing powder just right before my eyes. If it hasn’t been me talking myself into being nice to people, I would have bought the whole row over, haha!

As the journey went on, we passed by this tortoise area where you get to feed the creatures, but I didn’t do that and continue with my trip up to the pagoda…


One good thing of going to Kek Lok Si during non-peak period is the calmness and the silence which I enjoyed most. All we can hear were wind gushing by or some birds twittering away. The scenic view had also fed my satisfaction as well…


And I sort of like the patterns as well… haha!


However, we did visit the new statue over there. We did not ‘climb’ up there but took an inclined life, which reminds me a lot of Willy Wonka’s elevator Rire.


The entrance to the statue was closed due to construction work that day, so we just walk around and I actually donated something (I forgot what’s it call, it’s something on the roof, I guess).


And along the road, we saw these weird ‘statue’ which we have no idea what they are there for. And the answer was quickly revealed as we continue our journey!


Besides that were statue of the 12 Chinese Zodiac:


View from the platform:


After the new statue, we went the other side where the pagoda resides. After some grandeur of some nice temples, what welcomed us were these colourful plants. It’s very pleasant to be there and with a not-so-hot sun!


There was this bell where you get to ring for your wishes. I did rang the bell Tire la langue


And this is the pagoda from bottom. We did not went up there due to construction as well…


And the flower surrounding it include very very big hibiscus!


Before we leave, we had a short tea time at the stall near Kek Lok Si which I had coconut juice and laksa (claimed by Papa as the famous laksa stall’s student’s stall). But it was already good so imagine I went to have the famous ones!


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