Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Day of Rain and Mud

It was a day for Softball matches and we thought it will end at around 3 pm but things did not just happen in simple way. We woke up in the morning and had nice warm breakfast in dining hall while watching the rain pouring outside. By that, we had been prepared for a muddy play but when we went down to the field, it was not just muddy, it was watery! For the first match against EH, the bases were literally lying in a pool of mud and you can’t differentiate where is where!

Part of the time, the rain became heavier and we were told to take shelter. On and off matches were not really inviting as they tend to downgrade the game’s momentum. But what can we do against nature, then? We tried our best in playing and I do think we did a lot of awesome saves and also a lot of stupid mistakes. But in the end, we managed to win KR, without even knowing it… Blur-ness in ultimatum!

Yes, we got ourselves into Semis which will be held after Chinese New Year. I do wish the spirit stays on and passed on to every generation, just like how last year, I stressed on bringing up the newer generation – but I think I am quite happy to see all the juniors brought up to love softball especially at the circumstances that they had not know about this sports until coming here! Yes, and this time, I think we can do it! Lots to learn and improve but there is willingness for all these –> good!

My post might look disordered – that’s because I feel like resting now: with abrasion on my chin and both knees, rashes on hand and legs and a soul that needs rest Sourire

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