Monday, January 03, 2011

First Meal Back Home

I know this is ridiculous but this is the truth! It had happened and it is a fact! Of all the delicacies Penang is known for, my first meal after I touch down in Penang – was Kentucky Fried Chicken. Why is that so?! Because it was a rather shiny day, it was an evening and KFC just appear to be round the corner when we are starved. Being hungry after the flight and my family who were waiting me, we were so desperate and wished to just find a place to sit down and have a meal together. And KFC seemed to fit the family-style meal as we get to order buckets of chicken!

KFC might not be on my list of must-eat-food-back-home, but when I saw this logo, I do feel a bit lightened because I had not eaten KFC since don’t know when. I can only remember I had it during my primary school time, which is really a history. Other than that, this old man – a.k.a Saunders, did remind me of my lecturer, so it is kind of funny to find this face on a paper bucket. haha!


We had 2 sets and shared the chicken. The first thing I felt was the very sweetness of the orange beverage. I guess it had been too long since I have such sweetened drinks (though I did have quite an amount of coke back in school). And yes, this is the only thing that attracted me, cheese wedges. These are not in Singapore and I really enjoy them although they are practically unhealthy with deep-fried carbohydrates, fatty mayonnaise and rally fatty cheese! But the temptation wins in this case Rire! The chicken are okay as well Sourire


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