Thursday, January 06, 2011

Friends Visiting

Before I talk about what happened at home, let’s rewind the timeline tape back to right after exam! Yes, right after my final exams, my friends visit Singapore. Some of them are my high school friend, some primary school friend and some secondary school friend. Yes, it’s weird to list them down like this, but we know each other alright since most of us more or less went on in the same school since primary school and the promotion to high school is sort of an automatic system for my school. And when I see them it’s really something special, when all of us actually meet somewhere like Singapore! It feels like home just flew all the way from Penang to Singapore!

One of the trip was trying to enter the casino in Marina Sands. They succeed with passports but I didn’t! This is due to the inexistence of photograph of mine on my student pass and the uncle outside the entrance was commenting, “Hey, small girl like you cannot enter, you must be 21 and above to enter here”. I was like arguing, “UNCLE, I’m more than 21 already la!!!” But never mind, we went places and took photos Sourire

Besides, we went to outside universal studio to have a brief walk. Including visiting the Hershey’s House, which has a string fragrance of cocoa! Rire



Part of the trip includes trip to Sentosa and the Underwater World. I took some photos off the aquarium part. The displays are not actually in large scale and it’s not really underwater as in under the real sea water. But nevertheless, sometimes, the attraction of the activity does not depend on the main ingredient but the nature of the activity – in this case, accompaniment of friends covered all up! Oh yea, we get to see pink dolphins and seal performing. The performance is adorable though quite short. Out of hunger, I bought some food from the stall outside and it appears that we got some cute plastic cups as our soft drink cups Sourire!

More photos on this and this one from other camera.

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