Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gushing Through Time

In the midst of introducing you, my readers, with my vacation days, this is one of the time when I take a little break to mention bits of my current life. If you were to question what am I doing at the moment, I am supposed to be doing all my readings and academic; but there it is, my Immunobiology text propped open in front of me, exploding Chinese New Year songs playing their way and me surrounded with papers and books. Yes, having Chinese New Year to look forward to return home is an undoubtedly awesome experience, but the side effect includes a gradual increase in homesickness, not to mention how all the workload will exponentially growing till then as well.

So far, week 2 has ended with a boom! Everything was happening in huge mass and volume. In between, I sent off a friend for her exchange, attended a play which I never had chance to complete, had my friend to crash my lecture, crashed a lecture alone, had an unexpected and super-exciting experience on riding last train and taxi, met several wonderful and inspiring lecturers and so forth (when I say this, most of the time means I can’t remember anything specific at the moment, of course). Everything seemed to be smooth, happy and yet with a certain level of stress.

My lab work was not working in a superhero speed as I really can’t help it. The lab was just too hardworking that I have to wait my turn to use the machines, ha! But at least, I did not do any terrible mistake, albeit certain foolishness of me which ended up with a certain price to pay. Besides the current lab, I am planning and contacting certain person to consult about future, a.k.a my career in research field. I hope there will be significant replies soon as I really wish I can contribute in this field with the rest of my life! If research to find the truth is against the Nature, and there is a cost of going to hell when I die by helping the Nature, I won’t mind going to hell – really! If I am able to help so much, I don’t think Hell will be a matter of fear!!! RAWR! Anyway, I’m going way out of topic… yes… Let’s continue…

The subjects I took this semester were highly attractive, seriously. The lecture outline and contents were ultimately something you should explore in a tertiary institution. For Age of the Mediterranean, I will be learning mainly Hellenization, Christianization, Islamization and Civilization. And I am very looking forward to learn about Islamization because I think this is a chance for me to learn back what I should have learn properly during secondary school! However, the class was now concentrating on Greek, hence explained a couple of Greek words we learned from the lecturer who actually translated a Greek and Italian video to us in class. By the same token, I did had a reasonable of joy spending time under tough subjects which has a rumoured demanding lecturer. Yes, there were a lot of requirement and expectations but the lecture were really amazing. As a matter fact, I starts to suspect I enjoy these challenges – which is quite creepy at times. About Immunology, I have no idea how will I be doing but I’m trying my best now. The lecturers are pretty nice and good. So, if I’m not trying my best while they are trying their best teaching us; I should feel very very sorry, ha!

Yea, so far, this is the updates for now. Lecturer actually wrote essay to explain what he want to say to us… which is why newly-printed readings are ready nearby again. Sometimes I do gave a bit of grumble as an expression – but the feeling is so different from complaining. I think it is weird yet awesome Sourire! Just like what a lecturer said to me, I shall say the same to myself, “You can do it!”

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