Monday, January 03, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: A Scenic Experience


Okay, first thing I wanted to do right after my final exam, is to immerse myself into this remarkable series. Not that I think the movie is good, but to have a series of books being made into movie and still welcomed by so many fans, that’s a real effort and there might not be much other equals in this decade. However, no doubt, I do enjoy the company of the book version as they grew up with me. Indeed, Harry Potter series had changed my life in some way. Right, back to the movie. To be honest, even as I booked the ticket, I had not been feeling much. I might feel a slight excitement on continuing the story from the fifth movie but there was no expectation. The movie has always been not as good as the book in terms of story, imagination – plus the feeling of pages sweeping past my very fingers. So, I entered the theatre with a rather calm emotion, with a tinge of supporting feeling as the books’ fan.

The movie is good compared to the previous one. First thing will be the actions and effects. They are really better and at certain scenes, it succeeded in grabbing the attention. For example, the snake scene did drag Reuben back from his journey to his dreamland, according to witness, ha! Anyway, yes, the effects are quite good and the soundtrack did play along with the visuals quite well. Another thing is that, this time the story is more comprehensive than the others. Instead of skipping stories which will confuse the audience, they took out parts which can at least continue with the story. Other than that would be certain humour in the movie which did cheer me up a lot Sourire. However, I did find myself uneasy with certain romance part which were overly expressed, I would say. I never imagined those scenes by reading it and I have no idea if they did that to grab the attention of romance-loving audience. Not that I don’t like romance (I’m neutral), but it’s a bit too much for me (sorry for those who love those romance part).

One of the good feature I enjoyed in this film is the settings. Thanks to the storyline, Harry is not going back to Hogwarts which means audiences will be brought to a bigger scale of the magical world, away from the old castle. I know the castle is quite magnificent and the directors did put in effort to put in world outside Hogwarts in previous film, but in this one, the potential is bigger! And I personally enjoyed the scenes!!!

According to this article, these landscapes are used:

Loch Etive in Schottland: A place seen while the trio escape from the Death Eaters


Pembrokeshire, Wales: one of the escape place for the trio


Malham Cove in the Yorkshire Dales: one of the trio’s escape place, remember the significant limestone?


Burnham Breeches: the forest which they stayed quite a while. If not wrong, it’s the same one which Harry found the sword by Snape.

Burnham Beeches4

Village of Lavenham, Suffolk: as Godric’s Hollow Sourire


Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire: where Dobby rest in peace.


There are still a lot of landscape which I can’t identify. Guess I won’t mind re-watching the movie for that Sourire!


Photos taken from Internet of various sites through Google Image.

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