Sunday, January 02, 2011


Sitting on a chair – no, it’s a bench of chairs – outside the gate I am supposed to enter an hour later, I am hereby sitting in front of my laptop, typing these. I had the corner seat, hence explains the availability of a small platform for placing my laptop, as though I am inside a lecture theatre. 9 hours ago, I was still on the line anticipating about my final exam result which will be released soon and my return back home in a few hours time. So, from then till now, the schedule is as follow: few hours more, result will be our; few hours more, I’m boarding my plane home (okay, it’s not mine – yet); few hours more, I will be standing on the other island which is linked back to the mainland where I live – Penang, a place where I spent my last 16 years. Anyway, I received my result and is quite satisfied with it.


Okay, whoah! As I said in previous post, I did not connect my laptop to my home’s Internet until today. Is that an achievement? Yes, I consider that a rare event, ha! So, comparing the paragraph above (written on 21st of December, 2010) to now (writing at near midnight on 2nd of January, 2011), it has been weeks since I wrote what was above. Many things happened which I will try my best to recall and put them back in place on the blog. Anyway, I’m going to post this as a ‘inter-post break’. And hence will continue a new post of my recent beings Sourire.

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