Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Indian Food Christmas Eve is Awesome!

Going back in time, looking back to my last year’s Christmas Eve, best thing about Christmas season is everyone will be coming home, no matter you are celebrating it or not. My brother did return but just like most of the youngsters (well, I am a youngster still I guess, except that I am a bit different), he joined his bunch of friends outside. I can’t blame him because he and his ‘long lost’ friends only meet up like a few times a year while for me, my friends are all family-minded (just like me, waha!) so we will always meet other time and be with family on special occasions!

So, just like every time me or my brother return home, my parents will ask our suggestion for dinner and something just came across my mind and I suggested Roti Canai! Haha! We went over to one of the mamat stall and ordered nothing but tosai, teh tarik and roti canai!!! Wohoo!!!

This is the TOSAI!!! With the unique curry, dhal and the paste (which is like garlic plus a lot of stuff)…


Roti Canai, which is different from Roti Prata. Roti Canai, in my opinion is oilier and it’s always modified after being ‘baked’ so that it’s more tender Sourire!


Good roti canai must be accompanied by good curry! And we had plates of this!


Last but not least, the all time beloved Teh Tarik!!! Love it!


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