Monday, January 10, 2011

*Mata Kucing*??!!


Dragon-i = Dragon Eye,

Dragon Eye = 龙眼

龙眼 = Mata Kucing


Dragon-i = Mata Kucing

This is one of the days I went back home in Penang and while we were in Queensbay, my Mummy asked if I wish to eat any food. For once, I said I would like to have some Asian cuisine. And just before our eyes was Dragon-i. As a result, we had our lunch there.

In there, of course, we ordered two ‘long’ of Xiao Long Bao and other dishes.


Other dishes includes this crispy fried eel, tofu, beans and cold chicken…


And finally I had dessert! But seriously, when it comes to this last course, I am so full that I can only manage to finish off the main ingredient in this liquid… Sourire


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