Monday, January 31, 2011

New Year Eve: Peaceful :)

Writing of the last day of last month on the last day of this month – how perfect could it be? Yes, 31 days ago, it was the last day of 2010 and Pleasure went for barbecue in his friend’s house while me and Papa and Mummy went out searching for a nice New Year Eve dinner. After going to several places, we decided to went for a place where we get to listen to songs and have a rather better meal, which brought us to Bryan. Yes, I had lamb while Mummy had salmon. Papa who was not feeling like eating anything heavy had fish. In addition to that, I tried the banana boat (which is asian-ized with goreng pisang). They obviously had some promotion for alcoholic drinks but Papa was saying we still have some at home, so, we save our tummy for later, then.

And then, that night was spent on watching movie on tv and also a glass of champagne with xo… I should say it tasted so nice that I wanted more but apparently Mummy was saying I had too much (it’s only one glass, okay…)… But nonetheless, that’s how I stepped from 2010 to 2011 Sourire!


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