Monday, January 03, 2011

Presents from Pleasure

One of the “surprises” after I came back home was about the presents Pleasure brought home from KL for me! That’s quite embarrassing because the only gift I brought back was the birthday present I bought him which doesn’t even cost more than 5 dollar. When I was talking on the phone with my parents to find out about a dress he was buying me, my first reaction was ‘huh?’. Then, the next reaction was to re-confirm whether what I heard is true and the third reaction was “Are you sure I can fit into that skirt?!”. But, when I heard about books he bought, I was actually expecting some classic and rare Harry Potter limited edition or some interesting Science book – I actually thought he might even get me Mein Kampf, such crazy me! But Papa keep on forgetting the book title, so I have to keep the anxiety till I reach home.

So, I went back home to find a beautiful white dress, which I can fit in. It is indeed a beautiful dress with a considerable amount of laces and patterns but yet the material and design made the clothes look practical, comfortable and reasonable for wearing. I really have to praise Pleasure for knowing my taste Sourire. It is not easy to find a dress that can suits my taste as this one does, seriously.

Next would be the three books from Pleasure. When he gave them to me, he actually packed them with pink ribbons. So, the whole thing looks white with pink ribbons. My first impression was some little book gifts that could be given out during a wedding or something. But when I think back, I did not remember any wedding that gave out books (maybe in future?). Yes, the whole thing reminds me of wedding! Just look at how it looks like:


Okay. now, here is a closer look on the book titles. They are:

1) Outliers

2) The Tipping Point

3) Blink

All of them are by Malcolm Gladwell Sourire


Up till this point, I haven’t actually read these three books while I am enjoying the holiday mood back at home. But I do wish these books will accompany me well through the semester, or even along my life Sourire. Most important is that I am very happy upon receiving these: dress and three motivational books. I would like to show my appreciation to Mr Pleasure here Clignement d'œil. (too bad he sort of leave his blog to its own fate currently, so I won’t be linking him)

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