Monday, January 10, 2011

This New Semester

Before I continue my narration on how I spend my holiday, let the Time Turner spins itself back to the current time and have a little update on what had happened! Yesterday, I was back in Singapore after touching down safely. Today, it was my first day of school! So, what will be going on this semester?

For this semester, I will be doing these modules:

1) LSM 3223: Immunology

2) EU 2219: Why History The 20th Century, 1914-1989

3) EU 2223: Age of the Mediterranean

4) EU 3230: EU 3230 Cold War in Europe, 1945-1991

5) LSM 3288 and LSM 3289: Advanced UROPS in Life Sciences I and II

Other than that, I decided to spare part of my time in lab to attend lecture for LSM 4223: Advances in Antimicrobial Strategies. This is the one I finally chose, eliminating tumour biology and neurobiology due to timetable factors.

So, it seems I will be concentrating much (no, this is a must) in the lab for my UROPS Project. I will be learning things that interest me and for European Studies modules, I will be learning history of Europe from the very start of the start until 1991. I can see it will be tough for History was never a subject of my interest before I enter university. I enjoy reading them, but not taking exams. However, I wished not to waste my opportunity of being showered by knowledge and blessings of dedicated educators, hence, passion wins in this case Sourire. For lab work wise, I think I am slowly getting grip on what I did, am doing and supposed to do. The whole process, though filled with several adjectives, is amazing!

Alright, I am up this time not because I have no class tomorrow or I am enjoying my first school day in a honeymoon style. The fact is, lecturers were as ‘excited’ as us in starting school and had just posted up and given out readings. Some of which were background notes, which is actually something helpful for students without background like me. So, I have to obediently (for so long a time) give them a read, shan’t I?

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