Monday, January 17, 2011

Visit to Kek Lok Si

The longer time I went to university, the crazier I am when I go back home. From time to time, I started to realize how much I am acting like a tourist when I come back home. The more I stay outside, I started to see how beautiful home is, just like how I missed my hometown. Indeed, I still did not achieve my dream in returning back to my hometown but is blessed with the ability to return home at least once or twice, and maybe more, in one year’s time. So, when me and my brother went back home, we were living as though we were in paradise! And this very day, we decided to have a “tour” somewhere. When both our parents were not in good affinity to extreme activities like hiking, cycling or extreme sports; ironically, Mummy agreed to pay a visit to Kek Lok Si.


So, we took the trip that evening and headed to Kek Lok Si. The journey included certain distance of climbing up flight of stairs which were surrounded by stalls selling stuff. One of the interesting things I set my eyes on are these:


Seriously, this reminds me of Fred and George Weasley and their stink bombs – and now there are stink bombs and sneezing powder just right before my eyes. If it hasn’t been me talking myself into being nice to people, I would have bought the whole row over, haha!

As the journey went on, we passed by this tortoise area where you get to feed the creatures, but I didn’t do that and continue with my trip up to the pagoda…


One good thing of going to Kek Lok Si during non-peak period is the calmness and the silence which I enjoyed most. All we can hear were wind gushing by or some birds twittering away. The scenic view had also fed my satisfaction as well…


And I sort of like the patterns as well… haha!


However, we did visit the new statue over there. We did not ‘climb’ up there but took an inclined life, which reminds me a lot of Willy Wonka’s elevator Rire.


The entrance to the statue was closed due to construction work that day, so we just walk around and I actually donated something (I forgot what’s it call, it’s something on the roof, I guess).


And along the road, we saw these weird ‘statue’ which we have no idea what they are there for. And the answer was quickly revealed as we continue our journey!


Besides that were statue of the 12 Chinese Zodiac:


View from the platform:


After the new statue, we went the other side where the pagoda resides. After some grandeur of some nice temples, what welcomed us were these colourful plants. It’s very pleasant to be there and with a not-so-hot sun!


There was this bell where you get to ring for your wishes. I did rang the bell Tire la langue


And this is the pagoda from bottom. We did not went up there due to construction as well…


And the flower surrounding it include very very big hibiscus!


Before we leave, we had a short tea time at the stall near Kek Lok Si which I had coconut juice and laksa (claimed by Papa as the famous laksa stall’s student’s stall). But it was already good so imagine I went to have the famous ones!


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