Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Days passed and here I am, back in school. Chinese New Year was a great one with family and friends. I know it was said for time obliterated but as I say that, it left me something as precious as the event – the memory of the event. The last day before I came back to school, I was really feeling so homesick when I was actually at home. I wished I could stay longer but I know I had been taking away enough school time and I must be pragmatic at times and not lurking back in time that did not exist anymore. However, it would be a great joy for me to write down my Chinese New Year as to mark these as another important thing to remember in my life Sourire.

Chinese New Year Eve involved a really nice dinner in a restaurant with halal food Tire la langue. However, I did get my hands on some cheap red wine, which were really not some special wine. However, it was the event that made us all merry, you see. The dishes were a bit slow but no doubt we had Lou Sang, shark-fin soup, usual dishes like fish, chicken and vegetables which were of Chinese New Year style and also Loh Mai Kai. The desesrt was red bean soup with geng geng Sourire. We invited two of our cousins and our meemaw to the dinner as well (of course, meemaw can’t drink). After that, we went back to make the last minute preparations and bathed before prayers at 3am. To kill time, we had mahjong, HUAT AH! This was accompanied by exploding Chinese New Year songs and also all those ‘as though free’ firecrackers being played outside!

After prayer, I was so sleepy that we went off to sleep before waking up to the first day of CNY. We went our way for Vegetarian dishes as it had been years when we decided to set this special day to be a vegan. Yes, we ate and after that visited the usual temple for prayer and visited my cousin’s house. That’s because my father’s side relative will be there. This includes my 1st uncle and his wife and his sons and all his granddaughter and grandchildren. In fact, I was actually facebooking with my nephew the day before since my age were closer to these nephews and a niece. Ah, my Dad’s relative side children were largely boys. In between, we were served with vegetarian home cooked lunch which were superb! After that we were informed of the 2nd cousin’s wife was pregnant and was expecting fraternal twins, whoah! And we revised back our family’s root which involved my grandfather or his father being the head of ‘Hong Men’ and brought a ship of people by the surname Seow/Siow (or any that sounds like that) to Malaysia. My first question was, isn’t the Hong Men thing a kungfu stuff… But apparently it was not but a group that goes against the Qing Dynasty and were ‘wanted’ by the government, haha! Comparing this to Mum’s side which was of Qing’s Officials which were to travel Southwards when Qing collapse, looks like these two families were absurdly contrasting huh? Anyway, after that was the praying spree again.

The second day of cny went to my Mum’s side relative. We visited meemaw and then 1st Aunt’s house where I witnessed a real life change of a delivering lady (I am amazed how much a woman can ‘transform’ after labour – that’s quite scary). Anyway, I get extra angpaus due to so many cousins who were married, haha! Third day of CNY went to a morning meet with my high school friends and a lunch in Rasa Sayang. At night, I had a gathering with KRS friends (which we set 3rd day of CNY every year as our gathering). The fourth day of CNY, relatives were to come to my house but everyone were quite busy. So, after sending Pleasure off to school, we went to visit my 2nd Uncle. He was battling with brain cancer. So, the day went by like that with me having a little tantrum so that my Mum gave me more time to ‘nua’ with her, how bad am I, haha! Yea, basically a bit of homesickness which made me so sad that day because I am leaving on Monday. So, my Mum tried to cheered me up using McDonald’s, which is not the main point because the twister fries were out of stock and we went there because the mall were simply too crowded.

Basically, these few days were well spent, though not really very personally with my immediate family only. I do wish to go back whenever I have the chance. But this new year is quite an eventful ones… Sourire!

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