Friday, February 04, 2011

Home! For Chinese New Year

Shrieking “Run Home!” that day during IHG had meant something now, as I am really home now! Delayed Air Asia flight left me leaving Singapore late at night on Tuesday at a supposedly 11pm. To prevent traffic jam or last minute rushing, I decided to leave hall early and the truth proved my right instinct as there are no taxi available for booking, nor did there any free taxi around. In the end, I boarded a bus and travelled all the way to Changi by MRT, which includes episodes of standing and holding the handrail to defy inertia. Anyway, my evening at the airport was quite a pleasant and slow-paced ones. I had myself a cup of regular White Chocolate Latte (which Christina was not fond of) and had my bucket of dinner from the usual Chinese stall in Terminal 1. After that, I sat quietly on the bench and read “Europe since 1945” and kept noticing some interesting people walking around. When the time came, I checked in my bag and decided to pass through the custom and was legally out of Singapore for the next few ten minutes. In between, I went over to the Time’s Travel shop to browse through the pages and find myself liking most of them. I guess I am a shopaholic when it comes to books. Anyway, when I saw books which were familiar, I remembered they were actually what Pleasure bought for me and I started to feel guilty, haha! Therefore, I decided to pick three books back for him and this is a real tough task for me. I don’t feel like buying things that I don’t like for others and yet when it is something I like, I feel so attached to give it away. I think this is one of those times when I really need to learn how to give. I treat it as though I am buying for myself and got Pleasure three books: 1000 Years to Annoy the French, Home Rules by Jodi Picoult and a book about brain (I will post in the photos next time). I felt so much in reading them hence told Pleasure I may take them for a read in future, haha, that’s so me! Anyway, I do find one book that might be a good reading for myself, The Crusade. This is because my symposium work will be titled ‘Is Islamic Europe an Oxymoron?’ and this might be connected somehow… And yes, I did spent one hour just for that and went to my gate just in time to chat on the net for some time before entering the gate.

The flight took off late due to some baggage problem, letting us snoozing on the plane for several minutes. And just like loads of other time, I was sitting by the window and this time, I get to see other planes taking off. This is due to too many flight on that night and the planes were somehow queuing up for take off. Looking at the small lights on the runway track, I knew I left the ground of Singapore and in one hour’s time, I was landing safely on Penang airport, with my family outside. We drove back and thought we would go to sleep straight but I was welcomed by a mahjong table in the living room! So, around a few hours were spent on mahjong before we decided to doze off for tomorrow’s hectic schedule… And henceforth, my journey back home for Chinese New Year 2011!

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