Monday, February 14, 2011

How All These Come Along

So, the season had ended somehow. Not only this, given that I will be graduating this semester, this will probably marked a distinct period of which I participated in sports. Looking back, the two sports I joined in this IHG, were two very special sports to me. In fact, I would like to share my story of sports here (since I feel like taking a break between Immuno notes Sourire).

Some people, especially girls, were so afraid of joining sports. Many preferred sports that make them “elegant” instead of sweat and mud. But for me, I know how lucky one is to be able to play in sports and go to the field, because I was not supposed to. Growing up with allergy, I will get terrible reaction even by having myself in dusty environment for too long. Training for 2 hours on the field, I will get 2 weeks of rashes! However, I was not brought up to keep myself away from all these. I still go to PE lessons and my parents referred my problem as my “discipline” problem since it was the scratches which were deadly. All by all, I was not a sports person. During my primary school time, I was significantly quiet, school band and brownies were the things I attended. But when I went into secondary school, things changed.

Everyone is so competitive. To survive, one must excel in academic and extra-curricular activities. As a usual me, I initially thought of joining something quiet. But things did not happened as they were planned (as always). Hesitating between orchestra, PBSM and KRS – I was “dragged”, in a sense, into KRS when the call for registration were voiced. I ended up enjoying all the years I had with it. In it, I were to crawl, climb and etc; which included loads of loads of recurrence of allergy. But the most out of the blue event was sports. Joining sports was never my plan. And one day, my friends came and told me how they signed my name up for volleyball so that all of us can go together. My first reaction was , “HUH?!”. Yes, I have no idea what was volleyball except the image of colourful tri-coloured ball. My secondary school life was very happy with volleyball team. In fact, after a few weeks, my friends dropped the sports but I did not (it came to me now, why didn’t I drop it as well?!). In volleyball, everything was okay. We don’t go into mud or grass hence reduced my chance to have rashes. We get to skip classes legally, we were trained to be disciplined and learned true sportsmanship, including a total calm emotion no matter what happened.

When I graduated, I thought I will not join any sports ever again. But here I am, in university, joining volleyball and softball, plus several others in these three years. First, I signed up volleyball because I know that sports. Second, I signed up swimming simply just to get the chance to play in water – that’s the only sports which I can get rid of allergy which was associated with sweat and grass. I signed up squash because my Dad was a squash player and I think I would like to “inherit” his sports; but I ended up dropping it due to training clashes with softball (I still enjoy playing this though). I signed up soccer because there was no female team in secondary school. Finally, I signed up softball, simply because I thought baseball was cool! Yes, the reason I signed up softball was as simple as that, haha! Then, only I realized how rare it was to have girls to sign up, haha! However, one semester into the sports, I realized I like the sports and also the team it will give me. Just like that, I was stuck in Softball for three years.

This year, I took a photo of what happened to my legs. This is one week after playing on the field and the rashes were drying up, but still visible. The blue-blacks were injuries being banged by all those sliding players, which also had one small abrasion on my chin.


Yes, this is what I went through. Surfacing of rashes, itchiness that cannot be stopped, scratching and waking up every morning to find your hands covered with blood because I had been scratching whole night without conscious… And you, healthy people, were worrying about sunny day that will burn your skin or sweat that smells? Some of you, were too lucky, to even realize how much people wished to walk on grass field without any health risk.

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