Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Study


Preparing for two CAs had not been this tough before – does that mean I had not been studying hard for the past few years? I’m not sure about it. But I reckon that I haven’t tell you about my study so far. I had been letting this blog to rot unintentionally, I apologize for that.

This week was a ‘slow down’ phase for my urops project as I foresee the need to sit down and concentrate in facing my CAs. However, this did not stop me from stopping down other modules. I had this symposium group for Age of the Mediterranean course, which I thought I will be sitting there doing my best as a team member. But the truth is, when I thought they will choose people the arts student know, the lecturer accidentally (or rather a reminder) suggested a traditional way of choosing a leader, such as throwing a dice or drawing lots. By doing that, I was chosen to be the symposiarch the moment I found the black dot on the piece of paper I chose out of six. I did grumbled a bit under my breath as this semester was not a really friendly period for such interesting job. Taking up three arts modules did make me travelling and staying in arts faculty frequently, especially when your lecturer was kind enough to put all the readings in RBR. The problem is, however, I am taking urops project, which requires me to go to lab whenever I am free 24/7! Yes, the requirement did not ask for such an intensive working time – but as a researcher, I wish to advance my project as far as I could, venturing into a whole new world. By having the commitment of spending as much time in arts and science at the same time, I have no idea what time would I spend to be back in my room – sleeping? And that’s why I did worry a bit when I was chosen to be the symposiarch for the symposium titled “Is Islamic Europe an Oxymoron?”.

One more worry about this topic is that, I’m the one and only person who opted for this topic. There are four topics, in fact:

1) Did Rime Fall? Or Was She Pushed?

2) Is Islamic Europe an Oxymoron?

3) What is Love?

4) Is Beauty Truth?

As you can see, the titles were super-interesting and obviously title like “What is Love?” was exploded with number of people. After so many rounds of choosing, some people eventually realized the quota will not expand and withdrew from their previous topic and chose Islamic Europe ones. So, it was quite pathetic to see this thing happens. But I do start to feel some of them are really good as well. Worries did come along as people reply my email late, or not answering to questions. But so far, I am still doing my job even though there are two CAs just at the edge of this week Sourire.

Now, back to my two CAs, yes – Immunology and Cold War. Ironic isn’t it? One is Science; one is History. One is about battling vigorously for survival; one is battling ‘coldly’ for supremacy and ideology. But both need brain to remember a lot of things. Immunology is heavily weighed with a 30% and I keep on wondering if I will be able to understand and applying the concepts and facts flawlessly. Cold War is a 10% CA but with a significant amount of dates, names and events to remember. Both as a level 3000 course, I think I really need to pay more for a real good return.

It seemed that this semester I am challenging myself again to a higher extend, but I still realize I feel happier this semester. Something is wrong in me? I don’t know. But I am definitely blessed with a lot of things such as really good teachers, good happenings, interesting projects, wonderful lectures and even my lab work is starting to see some sunshine. Not that I found out some super-duper secret of Science, but I think I really can finally let go of emotions and work better, not to mention several nice people in the lab who gave me smiles and laughter besides some teaching. Special thanks to Bhaskar who taught me better now, Sheena, Girish, Amrita, Guna and Bidhan who really taught things when I needed some; Kishor who always share machine with me and teach me as we learn along; and also my Bench neighbour, Ryan who actually tell jokes (I think he’s bored at his bench as well) and told me about European and American history when he saw me reading or when I asked him. Yups, life had been going real great (even by meeting someone on the corridor, with a smile and a wave is really pleasant), haha!

Wow, I realized how this post went from a negative side to a positive ones. I think today will be a bright day, with tummy filled. And I think I should get back to study a bit before going early for Why History lecture Rire!

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