Sunday, February 27, 2011

Recess ‘Week’

Minutes to midnight and my ‘off day’ will be over soon. But that doesn’t mean I had been closing all source of ‘learning’ for 24 hours. In fact, I had my night time studying a while and planning, arranging my academic life in weeks to come! Why am I so exceptionally hardworking? That’s not me! Nope, it’s me alright, just at a moment whereby a little effort is needed. Today was supposed to be the last day of recess week, but in spite of putting down everything and run right into the sea for a good swim, I realized my constraint in catching up with school work: readings, revisions, assignments, reports and also research project. I spent more than half of my waking time inside the lab for everyday during recess week and another half figuring how can I catch up with so many academics. In between, I made some writings on my thoughts and some doodling. And then, yesterday, I made a decision – I need a break. And my ‘off day’ went like this…

I woke up late in the morning and prepared myself for the Borders clearance sale in Expo. Sipping boxed milk, I walked and boarded bus and MRT. In Expo, I spent two hours browsing the books. There were a lot of books – just not those I find any particular interest in. I did found a biography of Winston Churchill, though it was about his younger life, I bought this only one. I got one Infinite Possibilities for Elaine for she needed some motivation. I was intensely dissatisfied by the outcome of this sale, but that was before I walked out to find out all food stalls were crowded with people. In the hope to have my only ‘off day’ lunch in peace, I would like to try my best for a satisfied lunch. Adding hunger of food and books, what resulted from it was non other than my evening plan: having lunch in Orchard and Kinokuniya. The flaw of the plan was, Orchard was flooded with crowds as well! But luckily, I did found Breeks, which is quite empty. I had a set lunch which included a drink, an onion soup, a main course and a dessert of brownies. I am truly happy with the lunch albeit its normalness of the food quality. I had ice-cream for myself as well! After that, I had the whole evening strolling up and down the lanes in Kinokuniya, searching and browsing books. I did found the book the professor mentioned but did not feel like getting it, ha! Basically, the whole few hours were spent flipping books in medicine, biology, physics and history sections. It was a pleasure to be able to do this, after so long of a time I get to spend time quietly in a bookstore. In the end, I decided to get myself a sudoku puzzle book, since there was no Stars everyday outside my doorstep, waiting for me to doodle numbers on. I left for hall right after that…

And sitting here, I was mentally preparing myself to resume work after around 10 hours of recess ‘week’. Yes, there are a lot of things to do. One of the few ‘worries’ was the symposium group project. I have no idea was this a norm in Arts faculty but people just don’t reply your emailS. Yes, I sent around 5 emails and only one was replied, pathetic. I was not sure if I should seek help from Dr Fairey but apparently, I think this is a year 2 project and I wish to be more independent in handling this stuff but I do not wish things like last semester happening again! If I could ever ask the divine forces, I would ask why on earth am I chosen for this job when I have a research project on my hand at the same time – am I just plain ‘seemed to be’ so talented even in the eyes of the Divine forces? But at the moment, all I can do is be strong as I always be and face all these rationally. One bad things is that I have no idea how my group mate looked like (I forgot how they look like, essentially) and can’t spot them out from crowd or class! That’s so disastrous and apparently one of the girl sat beside me in class and I was feeling strange on how this girl started to talk to me as though she knows me – and after the whole day only I realized/guessed she was one of the group mates, what a shame to me! The next thing that make me worried was the urops project. Research is something that sometimes requires repetition and patience. But I do feel a bit frustrated with all those folly of my mentor. For example, he did not give me any pipette tip boxes and forbid me to use his. When I asked where can I use pipette, he pointed to his old boxes which could not fit the new pipette tips due to different height. Right, is he an idiot?! When he realized his idiocy only he went around to find me boxes. Anyway, this was small matters that tinge your feelings once a while, but generally, I think I am mastering scientist’s etiquette well now and is improving myself every now and then – which is a real comfort to me in the midst of craziness.

So, three days from now, there will be a test on 20th century history and I got to get myself prepared! 

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