Sunday, March 20, 2011

Debate for Why History

This is when I feel time is so expensive! The debate costs us 20% of our grade but research is 5% while performance is 15% – and each of us were given only 5 minutes to speak. So, technically speaking, if you did not participate in the Q & A, your 15% is spread across  5 minutes – which gives you 3% of your grade every minute you speak!

So as Group B, we were to propose the motion of “Development in Science and Technologies helped strengthen ideologies of nation states in 20th-Century Europe.”. If it is a normal happy week, I would not have felt much about it but this week, I was bogged down by another modules and I am totally lacking in preparation. I have to admit I did not really rehearse my speech and the speech I delivered during the debate is a total spontaneity! Plus, I was running late from the class before – which was the symposium.

Imagine that! I were to change my mind from a middle age history to 20th century history – using a science brain! But anyway, I managed to try my best in the Q & A, thanks to basics learnt last semester. But I could have done better if I did not put so much time on the symposium. However, I am glad I strived through Rire.

This is the essay we were to pass up regarding research on our part.

* Please note that this is for reference purposes and personal information was removed for privacy purposes.

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