Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday is not the End

It was a pain, not being able to share the joy of the end of the week with your classmate. This is worse when the supposed last day of a week didn’t end well. Yesterday, I started my day with Age of the Mediterranean midterm. I did not expect myself to score or even end the test confidently as I know how much behind I was in term of the knowledge. But I did put in effort and I wished to at least manage to understand the questions. In truth, I would have said this is one of the worse midterms I had ever had – but to look at it another way – I did not fail, but just found out this doesn’t work. By what had been seen, although painful and heart-breaking (yes, Dark Lord do have some of these moments, please), I should be prepared to score maybe a zero out of it. I may have looked at it as though it doesn’t matter, but deep inside, I wished I could have done better. For this, I must put in more effort for the rest!

Things didn’t went well after that. The Cold War lecture was magnificent, with the lecturer bursting out of the classroom to ask the Japanese class students to stop chirping outside and once a student walked out to shut them up. Seriously, sometimes, Arts students are annoyingly talkative. But after taking Arts classes, I realized not all of them are like that – good! The group meeting after that was not as I expected with certain people who seemed to regard their individual portion more important than the group ones. It is true it will be graded more but how can you show you did a great job by not adhering to the group’s motive?! But I am glad to have some of the group people to be very independent, initiative and willing to undergo this busy period of time with the rest of the group. This undoubtedly is what we always seek in a good leadership, not someone who stay in villas while the people were seeking a place to warm themselves.

The day did not end just like that. The moody element which hitherto had been weighing me down creep in me even in lab. I arrived at 6 in the lab to discover the HPLC machine is down and that’s the one I booked! Other than that, the mass spec is totally gone haywire as well. As I was telling to my mentor over the phone , “Tell me, what is working in the lab?” – frankly speaking, what in the lab is still working smoothly? I called Girish to ask if he will be using HPLC that night and he said he will be using it. By that, I have to stop all my experiment and walked back hall to grab my dinner. Just when I get my dinner, a call came in. If you want an expression, that will be imagining the food has already reached outside your mouth and someone took it away from you. Yes, Sheena called to say Girish said he won’t be using HPLC tonight. “ What?! Do you think this is funny?!” Yes, I felt like yelling to those people who never been considerate. I was forced to put down my dinner and walked to lab so that Sheena could teach me how to construct the new method. The saddest thing is, my mentor came in later and it was someone else who teach me – what on earth! But I won’t be upset by that, as Sheena had been a good teacher. My day then ended with me walking back to chew on the cold dinner (which still taste bad when I’m hungry – hmm), a shower and whole night of gluing my eyes on the screen…

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