Saturday, March 05, 2011

What Actually Does It Mean for being a Set Décor-ian?

If you are wondering am I going to join into next year HallPlay: No, I’m not! But this is what I discovered while studying the lecture notes for Why History? The 20th Century course. Being in HallPlay Set Décor for two years, and one of it as a head of the department, I had never put my job on this side of the world. I did imagined us, creating marvellous sets and architecture, showing intricate details and professional imagination – but never an application in history. And here you go, a quote from the lecture note:

What aerial reconnaissance that the Luftwaffe was allowed to make over southeast England seemed to confirmed the build up of the FUSAG troops. Thanks to the ingenious work of an army of set designers, stage and scene builders recruited from the world of film and the theatre, mock up vessels of every description made from canvas and plywood began appearing in the ports of Kent, Sussex and Essex. Inflatable tanks and devices that simulated the tracks left by tanks and heavy vehicles were used to make it appear that every wood and copse was hiding parts of a vast armoured force that Patton would bring with him across the Channel to drive Rommel's Army Group B back from the coast and allow the fiery American general to spearhead the attack on the Rhine and the Ruhr.To add apparent certainty to German conviction about the Channel crossing, a phantom refinery was constructed in the harbour at Dover to reinforce the impression that it was going to service Patton's force. These imaginary scenarios were cultivated by very talented and skilled experts and technicians...

- Dr Malcolm Murfett

After reading this, I was so touched and honoured to be able to join in a department which had served such a noble entity during the course of peace-keeping. Hopefully, this spirit will stay and be in our (Set Décor-ians) heart even in the time of misery. As Dumbledore said in Harry Potter: “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of places if one only remembers to turn on the light.”

Hope you enjoy this piece of ‘snack’ and feel better out of all the stress you are having, while I have to head back to my experiment, which is facing obstacles again and again, yet a great adventure.

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