Friday, April 15, 2011

My Undergraduate Testimony

It’s a rainy evening and it described exactly how I’m feeling now. Just finished a continuous assessment and the last lecture of my undergraduate life as a Life Sciences student, I felt so many emotions.

When I first enter NUS, I strongly believed that I’ll find my dreams here and learn. As roads towards the future continues, I thought, maybe what I’ve learned in high school is much more valuable. It turned out that both – were incomparable and equally precious.

Coming to NUS, means my first time studying away from home, under a different country, different authority. Though not so much of a cultural clash, I definitely realized how much home meant for me. I missed home, I missed the people, I missed the food and I missed my memory. The past seemed wonderful and now in Singapore, the past looked like the Grand Époque. I braved myself, convincing myself, past is past, the best I could do is to keep those memory with me all the time. And hence, I continued my journey. Post high school, meant the first time to have long hair. To many, it may be a small matter, but for me, it is my first time learning how to tie my hair, keep them neat and bear with it when it’s warm. I realized, it is a way I learn how to manage myself. And then, school starts and I learned a lot. Sometimes, it’s not about how much As you get, it’s not about how many facts you know – it’s about  how you grow up through the education. I have to thank the opportunities for I gained a lot through the education apart from knowledge: great teachers and friends. These people, changed my perspective, added on value as I mature with my thinking. I am glad that my passion towards Science had not diminished by augmented through the joy and sorrow. At least now, once again, my enthusiasm had proved itself worthy and determined enough.

Studying in NUS brought to me one surprise which I’d never dreamt to experience – history. Not till the extreme, yet I loathed this subject before NUS – at least, one year ago, I hated it because it’s blunt, difficult and – I never really did well in it. One year ago, through some kind of fate, I make myself to take history as a trial, in attempt to achieve a minor. To my astonishment, I did not end up hating it or finding it boring. I brought back with me, after one year, not only the hope of attaining a minor but the best experience and lesson I’d learnt in NUS. I enjoyed the freedom of thought, the content, the teachings and the classmates. I look at it now, at a total different dimension. I did not do particularly brilliant in history still, but this time, grades did not matter anymore – something had changed me. When I was nine years old, I met a teacher who ignited my dream to be a scientist; when I was twenty two, I met a group of people who made me change my mind about history. It became not just a subject – but a life lesson, which I could learn along my life. I would say, to be able to experience this, is not an ordinary gift, and I cherish it.

To my hall, I would say a hundred thank you but it is still insufficient. As an international student, hall is my home away from home. It’s the place I experience what I will not forget for the rest of my life. Yes, CCAs might played a big role, but what made it so special is the experience. I’ve no doubt at all I find joy in hall. Hall life has all kinds of emotions but these are the little things that made the memory bittersweet. I still remember I chose KEVII was mainly due to the map showed a near distance to Science and it has a special name. I was, as a first year, thrilled to find out it has a Dining Hall with High Tables and long rows of tables – blocks with their own colours – just like in Hogwarts. And I’ll soon find out the life in there is as magical as one could imagine of Hogwarts too. No one will understand how it is like until one stays in KEVII.

And finally, to my family, my full salute for all their support, love, care and understanding. They taught me wonderful things which I still keep with me and they helped me get along with my life. In the course of entering NUS, I appreciate their full support – financially and everything else. They gave me encouragement, when I’m about to fell; they gave me assurance when my confidence started to fade away; and they bear with me when I chase my dreams crazily. Their love kept me going yet as a place for me to hold on, when I’m about to lose myself. I thank my parents who always let me be their little daughter, caring me and providing me a place to snuggle up when I feel like. I thank my brother, who grew up and shared so many wonderful experiences with me. Though separated by distance, their existence had made me go on with my life as a happy and lucky lad.

In the end, I will have to stop here as I have so much to say but it’s just not enough by one post! All these will be in my heart and be part of me forever. It’s three years and I might not be graduating as a top student, but I know for sure, I am graduating as a better person than three years ago.

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