Friday, May 06, 2011

Greek Education: An Understanding

One of the most thrilling experience about taking Ages of the Mediterranean course with Dr Fairey is the opportunity to explore a field which is one of my interest (whoops, I realized I have so many different interest and just saying ‘my interest’ had become nothing more than ‘something I like to do’). Anyway, yes, I get to deepen my understanding towards art. Seriously, I like drawing, I enjoy doing it and I know I can – but I am very bad at theory. Just look at the disproportioned grades I got for practical and theory for arts in school! But in this course, I get to understand them through the perspective of history and also increase my intuition towards art. Hence, now at least I know more about it and I drew this out, muahaha!

Greek Education by ~mafer-seow-wayn on deviantART

Anyway, it is named as Greek Education with an emphasis of my feeling of the joy of one’s experience by learning and also teaching. Notice the right hand of the left most person, it is an inspiration of Socrates in one of the painting I saw. The position of the two listener were positioned to showed different style of learning, showing the various way one could learn. The person lecturing was depicted to show a satisfaction in telling what was in his mind. The insight is something like that, feel free to feel your way through the drawing, Sourire.

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