Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Indian Food in Science Park?!

Okay, this actually happened months ago before Sebastian left Singapore for Penang before heading back to Germany. Plus, this lunch was not planned by me (it was Elaine I think) and I was just happened to tag along for food hunting in the midst of school time. And when I heard it would be a walking distance from school in Science Park, my eyes twinkled! What else can we ask for? And it appeared to be a really nice one indeed, not only the environment (which were some aroma that really make me sneeze) and also the food. Satisfying lunch, I would say.

Before the main course, we were served this as appetizer, Masala Poppadom which was recommended. We were given two sauce to eat it with and the crisp was served with spices, onions and garlics – that is really very appetizing:

For main course, we had different types of curry (mutton, chicken and vegetable). These were really good – at least they ARE curry, compared to those sold in somewhere else…:

And to eat with the curry, of course, we get ourselves a basket of nan of different style. These were good as they are warm and nice – and they go nicely with the curry!

After the bread, we had dessert. I had Badam Kheer, the milky thing with rice and almond while one of us had Gajar Halwa, which is carrot, milk and almond. I like Badam Kheer!

Okay, so finally we took a photo together outside the restaurant which has quite a number of decoration to show how much the food is like. The food is nice, I wouldn’t mind to visit it again for another go, seriously.


*pRiS* said...

bring me there one day! ;)

Mafer said...

hey ya! I would like to eat there again one day!