Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life is Wonderful

After the woeful and negative viewpoint of my life at current state, of course, I do realize life was not that bad after all. Things started to get better around Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. What actually happened was quite a bit of drama. I left the house on Monday, for school, in a rather tired mind. First night in new house was hot, sweaty and uneasy – I don’t think I actually slept, or rather, rest my mind. I took the direct bus to school to receive message from my ex-roomate about returning transponders to the office. And yes, I have to return the keys, collect a letter and clear everything I have in the room. It was tiring and finally got to rest in Sharlene’s room by getting a full blast of her cooler while she was reading Silence of the Lambs. For a person who spent most of her time reading medical texts, that is a rare occasion. But anyway, I get to use her laptop to check the location and route to my class dinner and set off while I received a message…

It was 9th of May and Ages of the Mediterranean class had a class dinner organized by our teacher (or professor, if that’s what you call), Dr Fairey. And one of the classmates whom my friend introduced me messaged me to ask if I am going so that we could go together. Alright, since I am not sure where on earth is that place, I said why not. Of everything about reaching punctual and departing early – we were stuck in traffic jams, both train and bus. I met her at Outram Park MRT and took a bus to that place. We asked around, which is so coherent to what I had been doing every time I walk out of NUS. This is a very ‘good’ example of life sciences student life – because you basically contributed your life to life sciences – and you don’t really step out of academic life without any urgent matters. Anyway, lucky that I had done all the scouting activities back in school that I get to spot the place all right. And the first thing I saw when I reached the piazza, I was as though entering somewhere like paradise. Seriously, I would give anything just to spend a whole day here – what’s more when you are living like hell back at the new house?! That’s when I decided to stay as long as I can no matter how. The thing is to find that one small Cappadocia restaurant was not an easy task. In the end it was the friend, whom obviously was a Fairey fangirl, spotted her idol. We walked over and it did not take me long to decide calling her a fangirl since she was so excited with the appearance of her idol, plus all the excitement and ‘cute-describing’ over the journey, and also her reaction talking – these were overwhelming. I had never seen real fangirl in my life – but hers is quite extraordinary overwhelming, haha – should I feel lucky to meet such a person? Anyway, just by looking how people fangirling had done quite something to make me feel lighter after days of dreading in the hell-like house. Things just get better as the dinner started. We get to learn new things, and my symposium group mate joined in and we get to talk all sort of things. Well, of course, some of the topic was not very concerned to me due to them as a whole table of locals – but still, I enjoyed the night. Just to think how I was tied back to Singapore due to bond and financial limit did made me sigh sometimes, but I am sure I am not a person who will be limited by all these – so it would just be a temporary thing.

Anyway, we ended up the day at around 1 am, which is when I received call from my house mate about the Internet is up – and yes, at least I can get my air ticket back from house. Ever since I started to feel so sad about the sad state of the house, I don’t see a purpose of staying back on this lonely island with nothing to do. I did plan to visit interesting historical places in Singapore, take a ride of the legendary train from the station which will be closed down soon, and part of me wished to stay to enjoy the very last moment of my undergraduate life – but meaningless life had really beaten all these – letting me to wish to go home as soon as possible. Anyway, back to the dinner. We ended up forming groups according to staying area to save the taxi fare. Of course, due to my bad Singapore geography knowledge, I just say my address and those people would put me in the right group, ha! Anyway, I ended up with the teacher. I feel so sorry for him if he is not willing to share a cab but since it is set, we just follow suit then. After ensuring all students were on their way back – which included one solidarity girl as I have no idea where she actually stay until no one is with her, we flagged a cab and took the ride back. I won’t say in details about these but what happened next when I reached the house was Singtel was not working! I was trying to call my parents on the issue of going home. I only get through at around two plus and I just decided to buy a ticket which was ridiculously cheaper on Wednesday, don’t ask me why – it just happened to be cheaper that day. Just like my friend laughed at me on msn ‘You are going home tomorrow?!!!’ Haha, yes, booked a ticket right slightly more than 24 hours beforehand and the next day I need to go back hall to collect all my stuff back to this house, pass up the recommendation letter, return all my library books, check out my academic robe size, print out my boarding pass, get furniture for my house and pack! This is way crazier than anything. But the feeling was not as despairing as I thought! With a nice evening spent with really good chat with people, particularly the teacher, and a plan to go home right 24 hours later – things just looked so good no matter how bad they are!

So the following hours, after a short nap – I started my marathon of to-do list, which is, again, limited by travelling time. Anyway, I succeeded in finishing all these and ended up packing back in house at night while enjoying my new table and chair! I get a good dinner that night and On Wednesday, I spent my day in Changi – waiting to go home! Seriously, things just feel like getting better. Of course, I do miss school and wished I can do something about improving my knowledge, especially in terms of research – but at the meantime, looks like I need to be patient and relax while having my vacation and wait for my call…

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