Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stalingrad: There’s No Victor in War


Watched this movie while taking breaks from study. Stalingrad, showed us one very lesson we always tell ourselves but serious, how many of us really learn from it? There is, as we always said, no victor in any war. This could be seen in Stalingrad where the setting was on Stalingrad itself, when the Nazi Germans were fighting at the eastern front with the Soviets.

The movie started with the German soldiers enjoying their ‘vacation’ in Italy, having their time before some were called upon assembly to fight at the eastern front. At first, things looked cheerful for them until the battle went on and on. They did occupied buildings but with heavy casualties. In between the movie showed how much the soldiers who had been victorious in their previous battle witnessed and undergone real psychological impact as their comrades were dying, injured or due to the stressful battling survival. In between they learnt something more important than just winning the battle. The buildings were surrounded by the Soviets. In another way, both sides were losing much to casualties. The movie plot was mixed in with several little stories about a forced-prostitute and a young Russian.

Not sure I would want to share all the stories here but this movie had definitely brought me towards the mental of war – the reality. When the commander-in-chiefs were moving their little chess pieces in their headquarters, had they thought of the lives on it? At the same time, even when they do thought about the live, are they supposed to care about the live or the country? Sometimes, it is just not the case of choosing both – but one out of two… And this movie really showed many things that might had been overshadowed about war. If you are into these topics, I recommend you this!

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