Friday, May 20, 2011

Tuesdays with Morrie: Something that Touches Me


I saw this book in bookstore, for many many times. But, I never thought of setting my eyes on it. And near the end of the semester, I get to talk with many people, listening as they told me about how they look at their life in the process of sharing them for my future. Some of them had really interesting life and I appreciate how they are willing to share it with me. I would say, I have no idea since when, people find their ways, intentionally or unintentionally, to tell me things. In process, I find myself keeping secrets of many, giving advice to some when me myself might not even experienced what they had – but at the same time, feeling lucky to have the opportunity to share what they have and to look at things in a very different way. As I went through all these, I started to learn how to keep their information confidential and transform the message in another way to be a mirror to others. And one day, when I was telling my roomie on how she could look at future in another way by giving some examples my professor shared with me, she thought I was telling her fairy tales. After times of assuring her I am telling the truth, she told me she thought I was joking because my encounters were so similar of this (the book). Hence, I added it into my reading list and finished it days ago. It was, indeed, a good read – one that touches my heart, and I truly get what my roomie said.

Yes, just like Mitch, I am so lucky to meet some professors who are willing to give me lessons on life – though not as personal as that. I learned how to treasure a good teacher, after I lose one – one that is quite imminent in my life, the one that gave me my dream as a scientist. I was young at the age of 9, and I did not thought of saying ‘thank you’ to her. I thought I will thank her when I succeed in achieving the dream she gave me, but within months, she disappeared and succumbed to breast cancer. I thought it was okay as I was young, but just as Adolf Hitler’s personal private secretary, Traudl Junge, said ‘Youth is not an excuse for ignorance’, it was – not an excuse, but a lesson to me. This was when I realized some things could not wait. This feeling became exceptionally strong this passed academic year, when I was again, showered with luck of meeting some amazing teachers. But this time, I told myself – never wait. And I am relieved I did thank them, all the time – remembering them. This is how Mitch did. He had almost forgot his teacher, blurred by all those colourful attraction of the real world – forgetting many lessons. When one day, he accidentally heard of his teacher getting ALS – he decided to go back and visit – and that led him to a series of lesson, which enabled him to look at the world differently. The teacher, Morrie Schwartz, gave him ‘lesson’ every Tuesday and in the end, died of his disease – but leaving imprint on his student, Morrie.

I did not spend specifically Tuesday with my professors, I did not spend a specific days with them; but it was already a blessing, to learn from them. Since it was Teachers’ Day, days ago this week, I wish all teachers ‘Happy Teachers’ Day’. Teachers, are those who teach – regardless as an occupation or as a person who teach you. This books is short but nice to read, seriously.

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