Monday, May 23, 2011

Where the Wild Things Are


This movie had been on my movie list for a very long time, for reasons that I might have forgotten. From what I know, my parents would not want to watch this with me as this is what they called ‘children’s movie’ – so, whatever. Truly speaking, this is a movie where you will understand a lot of it if you are a child as a lot of the stories were what the grownups would feel pointless or doesn’t make sense. It shows the main character, being a boy who feels neglected by his mother and his sibling, when his mother was actually having a hard time coping with her own problem. Of course, as a child, we were always not that sensitive towards what problem else could bother one so much. The grownups would have seen his tantrums as inconsiderate and childish, but when you are a child, you don’t understand. I could still remember how I was interrupting my mother’s conversation with others in the hope of getting her distracted so that I could eat the ice cream or chocolate in the fridge. The boy went on a journey, the day he ran away from home – and met monsters, which in the process taught him to look at how to feel for others, compromise and everything. In some sense, it is a journey for him to learn to become a growing kid.

Technically speaking, there’s not much action or magic to expect from this movie. The essence, lies in the content. That reminds me, I should find some time to read the novel where this plot is based upon, by the same name…

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