Monday, June 27, 2011

Au Revoir, Les Enfants: Is there really a line?


One thing that my friend could not understand about me is that I find real old movies and watch them. For example, I found a certain joy watching black and white film which my friends would kindly reject when I invited them (anyway, I invited them not because I think they will like it, I thought it would be polite to invite and that’s what friends did Rire). And to be true, I would be the one who reject black and white movie if it was ten years ago, until I found they were actually quite good. But don’t worry, this movie ‘Au revoir, les enfants’ is an old movie, but not black and white. I always wanted to watch it and thought of loading tudou until I found out that I could save all the problem and just watch it on youtube instead. Around thirteen parts there are, I watched and couldn’t help but like this movie.

It was in French and it was about a French boy who return to a Catholic school to find new students, which were actually Jews who were secretly hid by the Church from the occupying Nazis. The movie is rather moving as it depicts the psychology of the main character, a boy who got jealous for the new boy who was talented and was seen by the teacher as brilliant. When he found out the boy was praying Hebrew at night with candles, not receiving during communion and found his original Jewish name from the locker, he was in a confusion. He could easily turn them in, but something was holding him back. This ‘love-hate’ relationship had slowly developed into friendship, which will end very soon. The Jewish boy, who felt the difference of religion, was undergoing confusion of faith as well. However, things changed very soon when the Nazis came to check again and again until one day, the Father was arrested and forced to hand in the sets of Jewish boy to the regime. As the others wave the boys goodbye, the Father says, ‘I’ll see you soon’. Jullien, the main character, realized this will be the last time he will ever see his friends again as the boys were recorded to have died in concentration camp later…

One of the quote which I found the feeling is so immense:

Julien Quentin: T'as peur?
Jean Bonnet: Tout le temps.

And a very deep ending:

C'était il y a plus de 40 ans, mais je me rappelle chaque seconde de ce matin de janvier 1944

translated as:

More than forty years have passed, but I'll remember every second of that January morning until the day I die.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

30th May - A Day

Just last week, something happened, just like what the classmates said during a class dinner, ‘I heard something is going to happen on 30th the May’. Yes, that very day was the final exam release date. Actually, given that I am pretty sure I will have to graduate this semester, I thought I would not care any bit of this exam result release – but I ended up with a whole hybrids of emotions. Of course, I did not feel that way for no reason, I was worrying what if I failed one of the core module and was forced to extend my study with no honours in exchange. I was literally rolling in my bed worrying about that until I was tired and went into sleep – which was awakened by my Singapore phone message. I was actually wondering who were to message me at this hour (it’s around 8 and it came Bazinga!) and thought of ignoring it and go back to sleep when I realized it was not Malaysia phone. I hopped out of my bed to look at some weird numbers and opened the very message which shook my morning – my exam result.

Flashing on my mobile screen, was a result I had never had before in my undergraduate life, my first A and one without any C or D. Though, I should feel shameful for the A came not from my major course, but minor – the European History. Basically, I get an A for Why History, B+ for Mediterranean History, B for Cold War, another B for UROPS project and a B- for Immunology. Each had surprised me. I may not have mentioned here in my blog about it but I had done terribly bad for my CA in Immunology, 76 at the last bar of the class – and that’s why I had thought I might have the chance of failing it. So, turned out the 70% finals did gave me a second chance to pull that low marks up. I could still remember how I was frowning at the 76 as the very minority in class who was placed beneath of the whole class… In fact, even after I pulled a mark that is supposed to be underneath a class to become a B-, I shall say proudly that I must have done a pretty good job for my finals although I have to admit I left out a lot of things and I was quite nervous due to several things I find others were so familiar yet not me. Another surprise came from Mediterranean. My midterm was a great failure – at least for a course which I studies a lot. I got a below average at 56 when the average is 65 and the teacher was commenting about he’s sure I feel disappointed with that. Truly speaking, I do feel disappointment but that’s not really a big deal – what’s life without a few dragons? It was the fact that even at that time, I was still very confused of what I am learning and what is the focus of the course when it was already half a semester, with all the things coming in – it was quite depressing at times. But, to see a B+ as the final result is already great for me, seriously. Nonetheless, I am very happy to see I improved from getting a C for a Level 3000 History module last semester to a B this semester, which is really a good thing – I do believe part of the C came from my blindness in document analysis which I learned a lot from, so, no offence. And my UROPS project, it is really not quite what I thought. For all the effort and tough things, I would proudly say I deserved something better that B. But for all the malfunctioning and experience, I would say B means nothing else as what I had got from this module, is far more than just a grade. Like what I have said, it’s just like a Sale 3-in-1 package, it might not contain everything you want, but you get what is needed inside.

And now, I can repeatedly answer the question people asked: If you were to relive your life in undergraduate, how will it be? I would say, it will stay the same. Of course, in mind, I would say I wish my results are better, I wish I could do honours, I wish I could learn more – but then, it might not mean how much I had got now. If I had been study hard enough, I might get all the As, but I might not have known so many people and learned so many things outside the classroom; if I had been caring to do my honours so much and given a choice, I might not have considered doing my European Studies minor, which led me to overcome my old enemy; if I had let myself to play more to live the life, I might not have enjoyed learning so much – and of course, all these possibility could be the other way round! So, back to reality, I am grateful of what I have been through and have no regrets for it… Hence, there you go, my result which I was so happy with, ehem – some people might think my result slip was one which no one would really looked up with, but it meant something to me. And of course, I was hopping on my parents’ bed as though it was Christmas and yelling about my result. My parents were happy for me, although my Mummy replied ‘If you had studied like that every semester, you would have gone for honours’ and my Papa was saying ‘Really ar? They send to your phone ar?’ still stunned with my result. But anyway, Happy Holiday and shall prepare for graduation Sourire!

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Rien À Déclarer: Vraiment?


How exactly I came across this movie is still a mystery – if not wrong, it would be the trailer posted by someone on Facebook which summoned my attention with its humour. First, it was the very thing that I remembered my teacher said about relationship between countries. The French don’t really like Belgians. And this reminded me of how my history teacher said about the Brits and the French don’t really like each other – one thing clearly prove this was the Brits never really learn French and and the French don’t really learn English either. That is funny because it was quite true, haha! In this movie we saw the conflict between the two which happened around two custom officers at the France-Belgium border. Of course, you get to hear difference accent of French, which is a bonus. The two offices were having ‘hot and cold’ war all the time for little things, mainly based of mistrust. And in this movie, the relationship between two became better thanks to some mobsters. In process, the two very character which had conflicts and another one who tried to hide his relationship with another’s sister were put together on a scheme to improve the relationship between the two offices. Of course, there were many moments which is worth laughing when they were working together. This movie: a good laugh, simple plot and nice watch Sourire! I think everything is clear by watching the bande-annonce:

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