Thursday, June 02, 2011

Rien À Déclarer: Vraiment?


How exactly I came across this movie is still a mystery – if not wrong, it would be the trailer posted by someone on Facebook which summoned my attention with its humour. First, it was the very thing that I remembered my teacher said about relationship between countries. The French don’t really like Belgians. And this reminded me of how my history teacher said about the Brits and the French don’t really like each other – one thing clearly prove this was the Brits never really learn French and and the French don’t really learn English either. That is funny because it was quite true, haha! In this movie we saw the conflict between the two which happened around two custom officers at the France-Belgium border. Of course, you get to hear difference accent of French, which is a bonus. The two offices were having ‘hot and cold’ war all the time for little things, mainly based of mistrust. And in this movie, the relationship between two became better thanks to some mobsters. In process, the two very character which had conflicts and another one who tried to hide his relationship with another’s sister were put together on a scheme to improve the relationship between the two offices. Of course, there were many moments which is worth laughing when they were working together. This movie: a good laugh, simple plot and nice watch Sourire! I think everything is clear by watching the bande-annonce:

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