Friday, July 29, 2011

Everything with Fries

Talking about this, this was a meal eaten last year with a bunch of friends who wanted to taste different food. And we gathered here, at Holland Village. It was a filling meal, with me choosing sandwiches. To rate the sandwich, I would say, it’s a so-so, but I do like the fries. It was not as though they could fry the fries better than McDonald’s but the choices are many – in which I find myself fond of the sweet onion taste. Not bad, even everything else was bad in the shop, just the fries could easily fill your stomach.


The next one would be the variety of drinks. This required you to have really sweet teeth. A normal sweet teeth like me, could feel it is sweet, so you can guess how sweet was the drink. I had butterscotch milkshake, which was really nice. There are Nutella flavour and several others too. Definitely a good try!


Photo album available here.

A Day of 豆浆油条

It was not an entirely a day with just You Zha Quey and Dau Zhui, rather a day I went for a stroll in one of the mall just to spend some time – some funny stuff. First was this very thing that obviously showed you what’s wrong with it…


Then it was these mugs. Look at their prints. There’s Mr Mao saying, “ Serve The People, Serve The World” and Obama saying, “ Change”. Though I could not deny there’s some political message here, but it was quite plain straight forward as the creator did chose the right symbol to convey the message…


Then another shop turned out to be selling these cute girly stuff with really strong fragrance. We spent quite a long time in it. I do like things inside: laces and smell and cute – but no thank you, my skin could not tolerate all laces. But in the end my Mum actually bought little cute teddy for me and my brother. We chose something like a graduation bear and Mum insisted I should get one with a laced white dress... So they now looked like a wedding bear couple than graduation…


The next thing was the meal we had. We came across this stall which was selling You Cha Kueh and stuff like these – but not at a roadside stall or wet market – but in one of the unit. I do miss eating these… We ordered almost everything available in that shop:


Of course we had coffee and you tiao, which is what we always had in the market. I always ate it sole without coffee until I start drinking coffee…


The result after the meal was staggering, look at this! It is literally EMPTIED. I guessed we were just too hungry. Though I would say these food at the market were still best, but the one in this outlet is less oilier or sweet, which is good in some way too…


Photo album here.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beauty of Physika

Happiness could be found by purely understanding the nature – physika of all things in the world.

Okay – it was actually all about electric cut out, on and off, for a few days. Something was wrong with the main power site and hence my house started to light up candles since it was just too wasteful to turn on the torch all the time. And after days when it was confirmed of no more power shutdown, we started to scrape off the wax, made by the candles and this one is from one decorative candles which initially had some fragrance but after almost ten years, it had left only with wax and thread.

As I took the piece off, I realized this pattern underneath and quickly understood from which way did the liquid wax landed. As this was not a direct candle wax drop, the wax actually flowed from the top to reach the base, not all in one go. Because of that, the wax gets to dry off layer by layer, one before the next wave of wax coming. Dew to this, we could see the uneven cooling of wax, which formed the patterns. If we were to collect more data, I’m sure we could actually determine the time difference between each flow of wax…

Maybe this does sound like a primary school science project, but I enjoyed discovering stuff like that. It is incredible how nature was made as it is – it’s something we should understand more!



The photos are stored here.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Plain Fan Transformation

This topic actually arise from me finding an album of photo which I had not talked about in any of my previous blog post. And there was where I found photos of what I had done to the fan. Remember I mentioned about me buying a plain fan during my trip at Kek Lok Si?

I found a poem which would bring calm and peace, and with my surname on it. With that, I decided to put that on the fan. I even considered drawing on it but thought better of it. I should brush up my drawing skills before I spoiled the whole fan. It was not easy to get a plain fan after all…

So here it is, the result of me writing calligraphy on the fan and chopped my name using the jade stamp (which is now gone as it snapped into half soon after this).

Photos could be found here.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy 2011! (VERY Belated)

Argh, see this post is like half a year late! But okay, just to share with you some pictures and also the event… Plus, as now is vacation, the feeling just the same, right? And this is actually a favourite of mine, to look at photos with family, sentimental…


This is the day when I ate more than one serving of crème caramel, greedy me!!! We had our lunch at the Rasa Sayang. Of course, it might not be the best hotel, but it is fair enough for a good lunch…

There were bread, cheese, food of different cuisine and many more…


Of course, after food, we had a walk around the place which brought us to take photos around!


I actually liked the serenity in within…


And of course, we took a look at the nice beaches which actually attracted me no matter how many times I went here. They are not really white sands, but they are white and nice enough. Though, it is quite hot under the sun and my feet will jump if I were to stand long enough on top of the sand. But nonetheless, I love playing with the sand which were soft…


And of course, the coast is beautiful, naturally…


And back to one discovery – we found this acorn-shaped lamps… hahaha!


It’s a good trip after all…


These are the links to albums of the photos taken from my camera and Pleasure’s.

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