Saturday, July 23, 2011

Beauty of Physika

Happiness could be found by purely understanding the nature – physika of all things in the world.

Okay – it was actually all about electric cut out, on and off, for a few days. Something was wrong with the main power site and hence my house started to light up candles since it was just too wasteful to turn on the torch all the time. And after days when it was confirmed of no more power shutdown, we started to scrape off the wax, made by the candles and this one is from one decorative candles which initially had some fragrance but after almost ten years, it had left only with wax and thread.

As I took the piece off, I realized this pattern underneath and quickly understood from which way did the liquid wax landed. As this was not a direct candle wax drop, the wax actually flowed from the top to reach the base, not all in one go. Because of that, the wax gets to dry off layer by layer, one before the next wave of wax coming. Dew to this, we could see the uneven cooling of wax, which formed the patterns. If we were to collect more data, I’m sure we could actually determine the time difference between each flow of wax…

Maybe this does sound like a primary school science project, but I enjoyed discovering stuff like that. It is incredible how nature was made as it is – it’s something we should understand more!



The photos are stored here.

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